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Edit Unit Price

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Being able to track your assets in a precise and simple way is essential for anyone involved in the crypto-space. As a part of the ongoing effort of tracking your assets, being able to modify, review or edit all past transactions, is extremely important for accounting efforts. With Blox, this is something that can be done in just a few simple steps.

In order to edit your transaction unit price, first, you need to open your portfolio and click on the “Transactions” tab. Now that you have all your historical movements in front of you, you’ll notice that each transaction line has a small ‘plus’ sign next to it, just next to the transaction date. If you’d like to dig in a little more, click the sign to view an expanded view of each transaction. To give you a better idea, it will look just like the screenshot below:

After expanding the list, there are two possible scenarios for you to choose from. If you added the transaction manually, you will be able to edit or delete it. If it comes from a synced account, you can only edit, but you won’t be able to delete it. For manual transactions, you can edit two important things: the transaction details and the unit price. Transaction details include token units and date. Unit Price is the price of the token at the time of the transaction. Unit price x number of units bought = transaction value.