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What is Blox?

Blox is a crypto asset tracking, management and bookkeeping platform for professionals, businesses and enterprises. Blox also offers a robust scalable API for blockchain developers & companies, together with an infrastructure to fetch and interpret blockchain data in an automated, efficient and accurate way. Automatically sync your wallets and exchanges into a single account, get a complete view of your balances & full transactions list to classify, monitor and export, and invite team members to work together.

Can I suggest a feature?

Yes, please do!
We encourage all our users to let us know what they think about our product. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or even complaints, we welcome to let us know so we can improve. Feel free to send us an email at support@blox.io and we’ll be happy to bring it up for discussion!

Who is behind Blox?

Blox has more than 30 employees with 4 offices around the world; Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Shanghai and Gibraltar. A great team of developers, marketeers, innovators and dreamers looking to help shape the industry’s future infrastructure, and become one of the leading companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency era.

What are the main features Blox holds?

Blox helps professionals & finance teams save precious time and resources. To list some of the features and services you’ll enjoy:

  • Auto Sync & Track
  • Real- time dashboard
  • Bookkeeping & Transaction Control
  • Teamwork & collaboration and shareable workspace
  • Cross-device compatibility on iOS, Android and Web

How can I get in touch with the Blox team?

You can reach us anytime, on any of our social channels and emails:


If you wish to contact us via email, we are available for any inquiry at support@blox.io.
We’ll get back to you shortly!


What does Blox API service provide?

Blox API provides access to multiple integration for blockchains, exchanges and custody providers. It fetches a complete data sets for your transactions and historical activity in simplicity and accurately, with minimum down time. For more information please visit our designated API page.

Which wallets/exchanges do you support?

Blox supports integration for most of the top exchanges and wallets.
Currently you can automatically sync the following: Binance, Bitcoin, Bittrex, Bitcoin Cash, Poloniex, Ethereum, HitBTC, Ethereum Classic, OKEx, NEO, Houbi, Litecoin, CoinBase Pro (GDAX), EOS, KuCoin, Dash, Kraken, Stellar, Bitstamp, Ripple, Bitfinex , BitGo, CoinBase

Can I test Blox API?

If you’d like to test the blox API, all you need to do is fill in your details and we will get back to you shortly. If you’d like to view the documentation, please click here.

How much does the API cost?

The API service does not have a fixed price. In order to get an offer, all you need to do is leave your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Is there a visual presentation of my synced accounts?

Yes, you can see your accounts’ data in our UI with a simple request to add your API key to your blox account.


What are the different plans Blox has to offer?

Blox offers a total number of four tiers that users are able to choose from, ranging from solutions for professionals to Enterprise level, with the ability to customize plans for specific clientele.
For more information please visit our Plans & Pricing page or contact us at support@blox.io for specific information about your needs.

Where can I purchase CDT tokens?

CDT is available for trading on Binance, Mercatox, Gate.io and HitBTC.

How can I upgrade my Blox account?

There is no problem updating your tier to get more out of your blox. Simply visit our upgrade page and send us your details. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Do you have a free version?

Yes, our pro version is free! You’re able to enjoy most features and functionalities, with a limitation on the amount of money you can manage in the platform and the available Tx storage bank.

Why do you accept fiat if you are a crypto company?

In an ideal world, all companies and enterprises would own cryptocurrencies with which they can pay for services and applications. But until that happens, we need to make sure to adjust ourselves to the industry, the players and the markets.

Which wallet do I need to hold CDT?

CDT can be held in any Ethereum (ERC20) wallet that you may choose. As long as the wallet is valid and active, blox will be able to verify and approve your activity.

What role does CDT hold in Blox ecosystem?


CDT is being used at the moment in our business & enterprise tiers with companies and individuals who wish to improve the way they manage their crypto assets. Our users are able to use CDT for a substantial discount on our services or for using all features and functions blox holds. For more information you can visit our website CDT or pricing page.

How can I stake CDT?

Please visit the following link for staking CDT.


Can I buy or trade directly with Blox?

No, Blox is in a “read-only” mode. We don’t enable any modifications or transfers of tokens in any way possible. We do not keep any of your private information or keys, to make sure that your assets stay as safe as possible.
In case you try to sync an account using your API Key and you accidently ‘grant’ us with additional permissions, the system will block the sync and ask you to remove the extra permissions and try the sync again.

Are my cryptos at risk using Blox?

No. Blox does not hold any of your assets or private keys. We have absolutely no way of accessing your Cryptos, nor will we ever want to.

Do you offer a free trial for businesses?

No, but you have the pro version for free so you can see exactly what we have to offer and upgrade whenever you want.

What are portfolios?

Portfolios contain your wallets, exchange accounts and tokens that were either manually added or automatically synced. By creating a portfolio, you can easily allocate, track and display your crypto holdings in any way you see fit.

How many portfolios can I create?

With Blox you are free to create as many portfolios as you need. You can select to place an asset or account in more than just one portfolio to better track your accounting activities.

What are accounts?

A Blox account refers to a wallet or exchange accounts that you synced or added to the platform. Each sync represents a single account. A portfolio can contain as many accounts as you want.

Do I have to manually add my transactions?

All assets, whether they are cryptos, exchange accounts or wallets can automatically be synced to any of your portfolios. We leave the choice between manual or automatic transactions, which means that you can do both in any of your portfolios, completely up to you.

What kind of transactions do you support?

Blox supports all the transactions you need. You can select between deposits, withdrawals, buy & sell and transfers, or all of them. Any action you do in a wallet or exchange account, can be tracked accordingly and accurately on the Blox platform.

How can I create wallet/ exchange accounts?

You can easily create an exchange or wallet accounts in Blox by clicking on the (+Wallet) button that is placed on your homepage, and simply select a wallet or exchange. After selecting, insert the required information and addresses according to the steps listed in the platform and you’re done.

How can I sync my Ether wallet?

Blox can sync any Ether wallet automatically, all you need to do is add a wallet or exchange by clicking on the (+wallet) button, select a name for the account, choose a wallet type from the drop-down list and paste your wallet address and you’re done.

Which wallets/exchanges do you support?

Blox supports integration for most of the top exchanges and wallets.
Currently you can automatically sync the following: Binance, Bitcoin, Bittrex, Bitcoin Cash, Poloniex, Ethereum, HitBTC, Ethereum Classic, OKEx, NEO, Houbi, Litecoin, CoinBase Pro (GDAX), EOS, KuCoin, Dash, Kraken, Stellar, Bitstamp, Ripple, Bitfinex , BitGo, CoinBase

Where can I see my transaction list?

All manually and automatic transactions are added to the transaction page in your blox account where you can see your entire activity. You can sort, export, label and organize your data by accounts and activity in a simple, beautiful UI.

Is my information private and safe?

Blox does not put any of your personal information at risk. There is not need to insert any compromising personal information, private keys or security bank details.

Do you have a desktop version?

Blox is available on iOS, Android or Web versions. All of them accessible with a single login with cross-device compatibility.

What are Blox alerts?

Our alerts are designed to help you keep track of your selected crypto assets. By selecting an asset and placing an alert on it, you will be notified automatically whenever an event that interests you takes place. We want to make sure that you stay on top of the markets. For more information about our alret system please visit the alert system support page.

Can I download or export my reports?

Yes you can! CSV export is supported for the Business, Enterprise or ‘Custom’ tier plans.

What is “Blox teamwork” feature?

The blox teamwork, or collaboration feature, enables admins to invite a certain number (depending on the chosen plan) of additional users to view, comment or edit the existing project. As an admin, you have the option to decide whether to invite external members like Auditors, CPAs or compliance to view your work, or team members to help you out with your bookkeeping and accounting needs. As an admin, you can also decide what permission to grant each additional user. For more information about our “blox teamwork” feature please visit our “blox teamwork” support page.

What does labeling means in Blox transaction screen?

Labelling is a feature designed to help you organize and optimize your workflow. With this feature you can attach up to 2 different labels to each transaction in any of your accounts or portfolios. There are predefined labels, like “Purchase”, “Income” or “Sale”, each one of them with it’s own color. If you’d like to label your own categories, you can customize your labels by both name and color. If you decide to filter or sort your results, you can also do so choosing your label names or categories. For more information about our labeling system please visit our transaction control support page.

Does Blox fetch my entire transaction history?

Yes it does! Once an account is automatically synced into blox, all of your historical transactions will be instantly traced. We will also provide you with automatic tracking of any future activity that will take place in any of your integrated accounts.

Can’t find what you are looking for? No worries! Contact us and our support team will take care of you 😉

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