Stellar is one of the top cryptocurrencies, backed by thousands of users and well positioned in the Top 10 cryptos in the industry. However, to track your current XLM balance is not an easy task…

Well, not anymore! From now on, you will be able to sync and keep track of your Stellar assets automatically anytime, anywhere! Do you want to know how? Just keep reading!

We could make a long explanatory tutorial with all the steps mapped out, but in reality, this will only take you a couple of minutes. All you need is to extract your public XLM address and paste it into Blox. As simple as that!

You don’t know how to get this public address? No problem. Stellar’s support center has an excellent article explaining the entire process in detail. Take a look:

Get your XLM public address

Please, take into account that if you own a Stellar wallet, you should already have a public address (always starting with the letter ‘G’) and a secret address starting with the letter ‘S’. Do not share your secret address with anybody, not even us. All you need is your public address.

Do you already have it? Perfect! Now it’s time to login to Blox and complete the ‘auto-sync’.

First, log-in to our platform using your credentials and make sure you have a portfolio already set-up. If you do not have a portfolio, don’t worry, simply follow this tutorial.

Once completed (and created), click the “+” button at the top right corner of your screen (if you are using our web app) or, the “+” button at the bottom right corner (if you are using the mobile app). Just like the screenshot below:

The last stage is to fill all the required information. Select “Wallet Account” since you are going to sync a wallet, choose Stellar in the drop-down menu and paste your public address. Do not forget to give it a name so you can identify it in your portfolio!

Once everything is filled, click the add button.

As you can see, to connect a Stellar address is just a matter of seconds. However, if you encounter any inconveniences, do not hesitate to contact us via email at and our Customer Service Team will gladly assist you.

Happy Tracking!
Get Better. Get Blox.

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