If you are reading this it’s because you hold a certain amount of NEO and you decided to take your tracking to the next level. Congratulations! You are in the perfect place. In the next few steps, we will show you how easy it is to automatically sync your NEO and NEP-5 tokens to Blox.

NEO auto-sync integration is as simple as it gets. Actually, you only need three things: your NEO address, a portfolio created in Blox and roughly 30 seconds of your time. If you have those, you are more than ready.

If you want to know how to create a portfolio, or simply be reminded how to do it, click here

Open your portfolio of choice on your mobile device or computer, click on the “+” button, located on the top right corner of your screen, easily seen in the screenshot below:

After that, you will notice that a new window is opened in the center of your screen. Select “Wallet Account” from the first dropdown menu, then NEO as an asset and paste your private address in the box below that. please, do not forget to name your wallet accordingly. We strongly recommend choosing an appropriate name (like “My NEOwallet”) to better help you track your future activities.

*Remember that your NEO address must start with the letter “A”.

Click on the “Add Auto-Syncing Account” button and enjoy a one time, automatic, simple and clear NEO and NEP-5 token tracking solution. If you need further assistance you can check our troubleshooting articles or send contact us at

Happy NEO tracking!

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