Jaxx Wallet Import

To import transactions from Jaxx Liberty Wallet we will import Xpub keys and Wallet Addresses, depending on what assets you currently hold.


If you are syncing BTC or BTC- based coins such as 


-Bitcoin (BTC)

-Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

-Litecoin (LTC)

-Dash (DASH)


We will import the BTC xPub key

For all assets that are not BTC-based coins, we will sync individual wallet addresses.


Once the BTC xPub Key is entered into Blox all previous BTC-based coin transactions and all future BTC-based coin transactions will be imported. 


We will begin by importing the BTC xPub key.

Step 1:

Make sure you are at the home screen. If you are not, click the house icon in the top right corner. 


Step 2:

Select the three line menu (top right corner)

Click on “Tools”


Step 3:

Select Display Private Keys

Step 4:

Check the It’s safe box and click View Private Keys


Step 5:

Select the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet


Step 6:

Copy public address(es). Do not copy private keys. 

If you are given an option for “Account”, “External”, and “Internal”, always select ACCOUNT. If Account is not an option, EXTERNAL is your choice.


Depending on your wallet settings, Jaxx may create a new wallet address for every transaction. The xPub address will import all transactions from all BTC-based coins.


Step 7:

Enter the “Account” BTC xPub address into the Wallet input page for Blox.

Make sure you select BTC from the dropdown menu.

You will have to copy ALL xPubs with the copy button next to “xPub Keys”



Step 8:

Open a text document (Word, Notepad, TextEdit, excel) and paste the ACCOUNT xPub.

As of 3/16/20, the ACCOUNT xPub is the final xPub after the comma. Paste this xPub into Blox.


Regular Public Address (for eth and ERC-20 Coins)

For non BTC-based coins, we will import wallets individually. 

Let’s look at an example for Ethereum.


Step 1

Select the relevant wallet your assets are held in (Ethereum). 


Step 2

Copy ETH addresses individually that have greater than 0 balances.

Do NOT copy all public addresses. Select only the addresses that have > 0 balances.




Step 3. 

Paste the wallet address into Blox’s platform under the Ethereum wallet integration. 


Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 for all wallet addresses >0 that are not BTC-based wallets.


A note on Automatic Updating

BTC xPub keys will automatically update. Jaxx generates a new BTC wallet address for deposits, but the new wallet address is included underneath the xPub key. 

For ETH and ERC-20 tokens, I was able to send multiple deposits to the same wallet address. I would recommend saving your preferred ETH address and only using that wallet on Jaxx for deposits. As long as you use the same wallet, once the wallet is imported into Blox, we will continue to automatically update new transactions. 


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