Coinbase API

This tutorial will guide you through the process of obtaining the API key to connect the Coinbase exchange with the Blox platform.sing the cost basis tool on the Blox platform. This API will provide the platform with READ-ONLY access to your exchange account.

Please use the instructions in the guide below, or contact Blox for support.

Section 1 – Creating A Coinbase API Key

  • Please sign into your Coinbase account and begin from the moment you enter the exchange to view your account.

  • Click on your account image in the top right corner, then select ‘Settings’.

  • Once the setting window appears, click on ‘API Access’ to continue to the next stage.

  • If you already have API keys from other syncs, the page will look like below. But, if you have never synced APIs, the API Key section will be empty.
  • Select ‘+ New API Key’ button to continue.

  • Users will be prompted to enter their two-step verification code to ensure security. After entering the code, select ‘Verify’

  • After entering your code, users are prompted with an Account list and API permissions list. Please select any
    • Accounts you would like to provide access to.
      For Permissions, please select all that have “read” in their title. This provides Blox with the read-only access needed to fetch your data from Coinbase.

  • The final result should look like the image below.

  • Once you have selected all the read-only permissions and accounts to provide Blox with access, please select the ‘Create’ button to continue. Almost ready!

  • Once the user has added and created the key, it will appear in the API Key section. If it says it is ‘Enabled’, then the user is ready to proceed.


Section 2.0 – Connecting Your Coinbase API to Blox

In this section, we will quickly guide you through the simple process of connecting your new Coinbase API with the Blox auto-sync feature.
Once you have linked you API, Blox will notify you if it needs to be updated due to change with Coinbase. Please use the instructions in the guide below, or contact Blox for support.

  • If you have a Blox account and are ready to continue, please log in to the Blox platform.
  • When logged into Blox, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new account (Coinbase Exchange)


  • Users will then be prompted with the Auto Sync window where they can insert the API Key to begin syncing.


  • After filling out the required information, click on ‘Auto-Sync’ button at the bottom. In just a few moments Blox well fetch your entire account history and sync it to the platform

Thank you for your time and patience! If you have any requests or noticed an incorrect instruction, please let us know.

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