Missing Transactions From an Exchange

Blox supports auto-sync integration for a great variety of wallets and exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex amongst many others. The AutoSync enables you to automatically track your assets and monitor the transactions made in those exchanges.

However, if a transaction is made in the exchange, in some cases, it may happen that the balance won’t be reflected correctly in your Blox portfolio. Each exchange has its own unique API settings and procedures, even if we would like to provide you with all the information available, sometimes it is simply not possible.

A good example would be, buying and selling one token for another on an exchange. Your balance and the list of the tokens you own will always be up to date, however, since the trade was done within the exchange, it might not be shown in your Blox portfolio.

That being said, every transaction made from the “outside” to the exchange, like deposits, withdrawals or transactions between your wallets, would automatically be reflected.

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