Exchange API Error

Automatically syncing Exchange API Keys into blox enables us to fetch all necessary data in order to provide you with the full ‘tracking’ experience. Blox continuously syncs through various APIs in order to fetch new data and update the balances. Sometimes, there are cases in which we’re no longer able to sync with the exchange API. When that occurs, in order to fetch the data an action is needed on your side. Nothing much, don’t worry.

In order to re-sync your exchange, you’ll need to update the API’s Public and Secret Key, then add them again to blox.

Here are the main reasons for which the ‘Exchange API Key’ update alert would appear:

Please note: When updating your exchange API keys, all of your data is backed up (for example: notes, attachments and other information) and will be available for you after the re-sync. If something is missing, please contact us.

API Key expiration

Problem – Some exchanges limit the validity of their API keys to a certain period of time. In case your exchange API key expires, Blox won’t be able to sync or fetch new data from your exchange account.

Solution – Please create a new API key and update it in Blox and re-sync.

‘Extra’ API permissions – Trading/Withdrawal permission enabled

Problem – For your safety, blox will alert you when too many trading/withdrawal permissions are granted. Some exchanges offer either all or none of the API permissions, which means that we have to use only a few permissions to sync your account and not all. In those particular cases, blox will alert you about it.

Solution – You can either update the existing API’s permission to ‘read-only’ permission (removing all trading/withdraw permissions), create a new API Key with the relevant permissions and proceed with your sync.

Updated API permissions – Trusted IP only

Problem – When creating/editing an API key, you can select to enable the API’s access to any IP or restrict it to specific IPs only (“trusted IPs”). Once “trusted IPs only” permission is selected, blox will instantly stop syncing the data.

Solution – Please update the APIs IP access to ‘unrestricted’ or create a new API Key without any IP restrictions. Don’t worry, your API connection is secure with Blox.

API Keys were deleted

Problem – In order to fetch data from your exchange, we need to have access to a valid API key. In case someone deleted the API Key blox will no longer be able to sync with the exchange and fetch the updated data.

Solution – Please generate a new API Key and update it in blox and re-sync.

Other (Internal/External Error)

Exchanges API connectivity is a very dynamic, with many changes and updates occurring on a regular basis. Occasionally, issues with the exchange server or any other problem could stop blox from fetching new data. Creating a new API key should solve the issue in the majority of the cases, but if the problem still persists, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Reminder: when creating new API Keys, please make sure you are not granting unnecessary trading/withdrawal permissions and your API access level isn’t restricted to specific IPs.

Still having issues or have any question? Feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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