With your portfolio created and your tokens added, you may want to withdraw some of your assets because you converted them to fiat or simply move them to a different location, either way, Blox has the perfect solution for you.

Let’s see what the withdrawal option gives us. When withdrawing assets, the selected tokens will be instantaneously deducted from your portfolio. Needless to say that, you can only withdraw assets were previously deposited in your blox wallet or exchange.

In order to do so, simply click on the “+” button located on the top right corner of your portfolio and select the option “Withdraw”.

Once completed, a window will appear where you will be asked to fill all the requested information. Firstly, choose the virtual wallet or exchange in which your tokens are stored, then select the desired asset and the amount you wish to withdraw.

We also implemented a time & date option for you to better keep track of when an action was performed as well as, an optional field in which you can leave a note or comment. Just like in the example below:

If you are using our mobile app, the process is exactly the same, the only difference is, you’ll need to tap the “+” button to open the manual transactions windows.

As you can see, every manual transaction is very simple to do in Blox. If you still need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at support@blox.io and we will be more than happy to assist.

Happy crypto tracking!

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