The transfer option is the last of the four types of the manual transaction operations. So far, we explained how to manually deposit, withdraw, buy and sell. But what happens if you want to send one asset from one virtual wallet or exchange to another? Specifically for those cases, we added the transfer option.

To execute a transfer you must have in your account at least two virtual wallets or exchanges: one with the assets you want to transfer and other to receive them.

We explained in the previous articles how to perform a manual transaction; you need to click on the “+” button first to add it. You’ll be able to find it on the top right corner of your portfolio. Once clicked, select the “Transfer” option and you will find a window that looks like this:

As shown in the example above, we are required to fill in several things, those include the asset you wish to transfer, the account that will receive that asset, the type of asset and amount to transfer.

One important thing to take into consideration is the fact that you can transfer between virtual wallets or exchanges created in different portfolios, not only within the same portfolio. In the drop-down menu, you will find an option to filter what portfolio you would like to use for the transfer.

And that’s basically it! These articles summarize everything you need to know about the manual transaction offered in blox. We recommend taking a look at our articles and, of course, to join our Telegram community if you want to discuss our product or simply say hello!

However, if you prefer to reach us privately, we are always available for you at

Happy tracking!

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