Edit Manual Transactions

When setting up your Blox portfolio, one of the options offered is manually adding transactions to a portfolio. This alternative enables you to select an asset, the amount, and the wallet in which you would like it to be placed.

With that in mind, at any point you might want to edit the transaction you initially added, follow these three simple steps:

1.- Open the main page of your portfolio
2.- Click on “Accounts” tab
3.- A new windows listing all your transactions will appear where you can click the expand icon next to each transaction to edit or delete them.

Please take into account that for the time being, this option is only available on our web platform. We are working on the implementing it in our mobile apps as well. Stay tuned for more updates.

If you spot any issue editing or deleting your wallets and exchanges, do not hesitate and contact us at support@blox.io.

Happy syncing!
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