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To deposit and withdraw assets manually to your portfolio is a matter of seconds, but in order to have full control over all your assets, you will also need a way to buy and sell assets that you already own.

Out of the all the transactions that blox offers, this one is slightly different than the rest. In order to buy an asset, you will need to do so using one of your existing tokens. It is, in short, to replace a particular token with another. Just to give you an example, assume you have one BTC in your account and you want to buy ETH, you will need to select the amount of Ether you would like to purchase and the relevant amount of BTC will be deducted from your portfolio.

The ‘sell’ transaction works the same way. If you would like to sell some BTC, first you have to choose the pair (i.e BTC/CDT) and then the amount of BTC you would like to sell. That amount will be converted to the equivalent CDT in this particular case.

So how can we do that? simple. Click the “+ Transactions” button, located on the top right corner of your screen and select the “Buy/Sell” option in the pop-up window that will appear. Please, take into account that in order to perform buy or sell transactions, you need to have at least one exchange account set up.

If you want to buy or sell, you are required to fill all the information regarding the operation. That means that you have to choose what exchange account you wish to use and the token you would like to buy. Of course, specifying the number of tokens you would like to buy is mandatory and once you do so, Blox will automatically offer you the available trading pairs for that specific asset and number of tokens. Unfortunately, if you want to buy an asset that is not available on that exchange, you won’t be able to select the unavailable pairs.

In the below image you can see an example of a buy transaction. The ‘sell’ process is identical.

If you are using our mobile app, the required steps remain the same, the only difference is tapping the “+” button to open the manual transaction window.

If you followed our articles, you now know everything you need in order to manually deposit, withdraw and buy or sell your assets. Now, we are only missing the transfer operation, covered in the next article.

Happy tracking!

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