Your first portfolio

With your account created, now it’s time to add a new portfolio to Blox. A portfolio is where you can track all the tokens you want in a collective and simple way. You can insert manual transactions or sync your exchange or integrate automatically your wallet. Up to you!

Blox offers you the possibility of creating unlimited portfolios. That means, that you can have one designed for your long-term investments, another for day trading with your exchanges synced and a third one for your short term buys, as many as you possibly desire. Also, if you manage others people funds, like family or friends, you may want to add one portfolio exclusively for them. Cool, right?

When opening your account, you will by default be creating a portfolio named “My first portfolio”. On your computer, you’ll have three buttons to choose from, add manual transactions, sync automatically your assets or copy the tokens you previously had. Like so:

In mobile devices, the process is very similar. Once your default portfolio is created, you can tap the “Add balance” button and select the tracking option you desire, just like so:


Just like we said, you can create an unlimited number of portfolios. But how can you navigate from one to another? In our web app, you just need to hover with the mouse over the portfolio name and you will be able to see all your available portfolios. The mobile version is even easier since the only thing you need to do is to tap the portfolio name, located at the top of the screen.

We want you to have a customizable interface to enjoy your time using Blox. For that reason, you can also edit the name of your portfolio, delete it and, in our mobile version, drag and drop your assets in order to reorder them according to your preferences.

To add your assets into Blox, we have prepared a few articles for you:

Wallet Sync Tutorial | Exchange Sync Tutorial | How to manually add your assets

If you need further assistance you can check our troubleshooting articles or send us an email at

Happy tracking!

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