Unknown & Dust Tokens

Blox is made for the users, by the users. We know that inside the crypto-world we have traders, HODLers and even ICO participants that would love to have a simple tool to track their early stage investments. Well, good news, you can track these assets in Blox.

Let’s look at an example, once you import an ERC-20 wallet, it might contain an ICO token. Blox will import it, but it will be shown as “Unknown token” because they token is either new, has low liquidity or little exposure.

Just for that, we launched a tool so you can edit the name and the value of the unknown token. You can manually add token info to keep track of the performance, in any way you’d like. Once properly listed, the tokens will automatically be added to your balance.

If you have an unknown token listed under the “Other Balances” section, simply click the edit button located on the right side of your screen, like in the below image:

After doing so, you will be able to add a token name and value of your choice. Once you do it, simply click again on save. Blox will calculate the total value and add it to your portfolio balance, like in the example below:

Also, for your own convenience and to improve your experience within Blox, we have created a dust token section to gather all these tokens that have a small value. Once you import an exchange, our algorithm will extract all your tokens and value of them from that particular exchange. However, sometimes you will have a very small amount of a certain token. If the total value of an asset is less than 5$, we will place it in the dust tokens section. Do not forget that this option is only available if you previously synced an exchange.

As you can see, everything is possible in Blox, no matter if you are a day trader or an ICO investor who really like to support early-stage projects, we provide solutions for everyone!

Happy Tracking!
Get Better. Get Blox.

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