How to stake CDT?


1. Make sure your wallets contains a sufficient amount of CDT according to your plan. (CDT can be bought on Binance, Kyber Network, HitBTC,

2. Go to Myetherwallet.

3. Connect your wallet. (It can be through Metamask, a hardware wallet, or any other option that MEW supports)

4. Once connected, go to the “message” menu item. (Should be placed on the left side).



5. Paste in the message box “I’m ready to stake CDT!” (Example below).

6. Click on “Sign” to sign your message.

7. Send Blox team the output that was created in the Signature box (Example below).


how to stake CDT


8. If you still have issues or questions about the staking process, please send an email to


Happy staking!

Team Blox

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