Sharable Workspace

With Blox, you have the option to invite other individuals from your team to view your portfolios, accounts or any crypto-related financing your organization might need. This will, for example, allow your board to check the status of your assets at any moment. Alternatively, your accountants can update transactions, purchases and even leave remarks for you to view. You could also invite regulators to view your affairs. The possibilities and use cases are limitless, the important thing here is, that you’re not alone! if you need an extra set of eyes, just follow this simple guide.

To invite someone to your project, simply scroll to the top right corner of the screen and hover your mouse over your username and click on “Collaborators”.

Once you click on it, you’ll notice a new pop-up window where you can simply type the email address of the person you wish to invite. Keep in mind that you can also decide which permissions to grant your invitees, whether he can edit or just comment on a transaction, it’s completely up to you!

As soon as the invite is sent, that person will receive an email with a link to join your project, from that point on, he will become a part of your shared work-space. If you want to remove someone from your project, open the collaborator’s window, as explained before, and click the “Remove” button next to his/her email address.

We want you to have full control over all your finances, bookkeeping, and accounting at all times. For that purpose, we have an “Audit Trail” where the project administrator can review all the activity done in the specific account. Adding or removing transactions, notes, syncs or anything else done, etc. Every single change in your portfolios will be accounted for in the project’s audit trail.

To access it, simply click on your username (at the top right corner of the screen) and select “Audit Trail”. That’s it.


Easy, simple and intuitive!

Get Better. Get Blox.


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