Hide your balance

One of the most demanded features in our community over the past couple of weeks was the option to hide your balance. The logic behind it is clear, imagine a situation where you want to share your portfolio strategy or just show off how awesome Blox is, but you don’t want to expose how much money you hold in crypto, that is why ‘Hide Balance’ was introduced to the world. (Also because some of our users were slightly scared of showing it to their wives..)

Needless to say, that when our users ask for something… we do it, we like spoiling them that way.

How can you activate this? It’s really simple. You just have to go to “Advanced Settings” by tapping the settings tab located on the bottom right corner of the screen:


Once you find the “Advanced Settings” option, the final step is simply turning on the Hide Balance slider. From that point, you’ll notice that your portfolio will not display your total balance for any of your assets or portfolios, nothing at all.


Easy, right? Now you do not have any excuse to share your portfolio with your colleagues (or wives)! Remember that we’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts. If you have any feedback or feature you would like to have in Blox, feel free to drop us an email to support@blox.io or join our Telegram community and we will take care of the rest!


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