Poloniex is one of the first and best well-known exchanges in the crypto space and in Blox, we knew that you will want to be able to use it automatically. The auto-sync integration will only take you a few seconds.

This is a quick guide that will teach you how to extract the necessary API keys and details from your Poloniex exchange account and sync them automatically into your Blox portfolio.

In order to get started, you’ll first need to access your Poloniex account using your own credentials. Once you do so, you will find the settings in the top right corner of the screen. Hover the mouse over the icon and click on “API Keys”.
After that, simply click on “Create New Key”. Take a look at the following screenshot:
Once completed, you will find two different keys: the API Key and the Secret Key. Copy both of them and make sure you don’t accidentally tick the “Enable Trading” and “Enable Withdrawals” options. Blox won’t modify your assets at all and, therefore, you don’t need to enable them. Here is how it is supposed to look like:

Time for Blox! Access to your account from our web or mobile app and click the “+” button on the web or on mobile, located at the top right and bottom right of the interface respectively.

Do not forget that to connect a wallet or exchange you will need to have a created portfolio. If you want to know how to create one, click here to check our detailed article.

For the final step, fill in the needed information for the sync. In this case, simply choose “Exchange Account” and Poloniex. Paste the keys you previously extracted and give the sync a name, so you can identify it in the future:

And that’s it! Blox integration is simple and easy. We hope you found this tutorial useful, but do not hesitate to send us an email to support@blox.io if you need any assistance!

Happy trading!
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