KuCoin is one of the best and fastest growing exchanges in the crypto space. Following our community’s demands, we decided to implement the auto integration between KuCoin and Blox. In this tutorial, we will show you how, in just a few seconds, Blox can track all your trades and balances.

In order to connect between the platforms, we need first, to extract the API keys. The initial step is logging into Kucoin with your credential. After that, access to the “Account” section, located in the top menu, as you can see in the below image:

Inside this new category, you’ll notice a sidebar menu in the left side of the screen. There, click on “API Keys” and then click again on the “Create” button. Take into account that you will need both Keys, the API and the secret one.

Make sure that you have the key enabled as you can see in the following image. Otherwise, the integration will not be possible to execute.

When you are creating your API keys, you’ll have the chance to provide permissions to them. In Blox we just need to read your information, so please double check that you do not have further rights ticked such as trading or withdrawals. Only “Read information” is needed as you can see in the next example screenshot:

After extracting your keys, it’s time to use them in Blox to take your tracking to the next level. Open the web or mobile app and click the “+” button. You’ll find it on the top right corner of the screen.

If you are using our mobile version, simply tap the “+” circle button in the bottom right corner. Remember that in order to integrate a wallet or an exchange you must have a created portfolio.

If you want to know how to create a new portfolio, click here.

Once completed, a new pop-up window will appear. You will have to select the type of integration you wish to execute. In this particular case, we will choose “Exchange Account” and then Kucoin. Remember the keys we previously extracted? Paste them now in the form and click the Add button. After a couple of seconds, your KuCoin account will be fully synced in Blox!

You will realize that the integration is extremely easy to do, but if you want to have a visual example, we prepared a video tutorial just for that. Enjoy!

Happy crypto tracking!
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