Coinbase is, by far, one of the top sites in the world for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Needless to say that, such an important platform had to be included in Blox and… now it is! If you follow these instructions, now you’ll be able to sync your Coinbase account to Blox and track your assets automatically. Anytime, anywhere.

The process is extremely easy and we will break it down into two steps. First, you will need to go to Coinbase and log in using your own credentials. Once you do so, you’ll have to click on the settings button as you can see in the screenshot below:

Now that you are in the settings category, you will see your profile, preferences and a few other personal options. Forget about them for now. All you need to do is to click on the “API Access” button.

To connect your Coinbase account, you need to generate an API key and a Secret Key. Both are a string of characters that will allow Blox to read (‘read-only’) and automatically update your account with all the relevant information from your Coinbase account.

Time to create your API key by clicking the respective button. Take into account the fact that Blox just needs a few simple permissions to read your information, not all of them are required. Security is crucial for us, so double check the permissions you provide for the API Key.

Below you have another screenshot to show you what permissions are needed:

At this point, you should have two different keys: API and Secret Key. Now it’s time to paste them directly in Blox to finish the sync process. Log into Blox and make sure you have a created blox portfolio before syncing Coinbase. If you don’t don’t have one yet, don’t worry, click here to read a detailed article we’ve prepared just for that.

Once you have your portfolio and your keys ready to sync, simply click the “+” button, located on the top right corner of the portfolio. If you are using our mobile version, tap the “+” button located at the bottom right of the screen.

Coinbase is listed under “Wallet Account”. Select it and paste your keys in the fields. Finally, do not forget to give your sync a name that will help you better keep track of it in your portfolio. When you finish filling all the required information, click the “Add Auto-Sync Account”.

That’s it! Your account should be synced now and, from now on, you can use Blox to automatically track your performance. Just in case you need it, we’ve prepared a detailed step-by-step video tutorial for you:

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