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When it comes to exchanges, Coinbase Pro is one of the most important ones. Our users asked for it, and we integrated it. This US-based platform is used by thousands of traders and now you can automatically sync your account into Blox. The AutoSync will allow you to better track your tokens and balances. No more excel sheets and manual inputs. Welcome to the next level!

In this brief tutorial, we will explain, step-by-step, how you can connect between Coinbase Pro and Blox. Don’t worry, it will take you less than a couple of minutes. Needless to say, you’ll need to have an account created both in Blox and Coinbase Pro to complete the automatic sync.

Let’s jump to the point. The first step is logging into Coinbase using your credentials (which are the same than Coinbase by the way). Once you do it, go to the main page and hover your mouse over the top right corner. You will notice how the sidebar appears and, inside a few different categories, click on “API”. Here you have an example screenshot:

In this menu, you will have the option to generate a new API Key. In Coinbase Pro, you will see three different boxes to set up the API Key permissions correctly. Remember, Blox only operates in ‘read-only’ mode. Therefore, you just need to select the “View” button. ‘Transfer’ and ‘Trade’ are not needed to connect your account.

After this simple step, click on “Create API Key”, as you can see in the below image:

Now that you have your keys and your Passphrase (you should have two different keys provided by Coinbase Pro), it’s time for Blox to do its magic. Go to Blox, log in and click on the “+” button, located on the top right corner of your screen. If you are using our mobile app, you’ll see a “+” circle button.

Keep in mind that in order to connect an exchange you will need to have a created blox portfolio. If you don’t know how to create one, click here to check our detailed article.

A new window will appear and you are required to paste your API and Secret Keys and your Passphrase. Of course, first select “Exchange Account” in the first drop-down menu and GDAX form the list of available exchanges.

Do not forget to provide a name for this exchange. It will help you in the future to better track all your movements.

The entire process is easy and simple, isn’t it? Enjoy!

Happy trading!
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