Bitstamp is one of the most used exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies directly with fiat money. Many of our users asked us to integrate it into Blox and… now it’s here!

In this brief guide we will show you how to sync and connect your Bitstamp account to Blox. Why would you do that? To track all your balances and trades automatically!

Every time you want to link an exchange, you’ll need to extract the API Keys. These are two strings of text that will allow us to read the information from your account. Don’t be afraid, with this tutorial it won’t take you very long.

As you can imagine, the first step is going to and signing into your account using your user ID and password. Once in, click the account button located at the top right of the screen. In this screenshot you can see exactly where it is located:

Once in the setting, you’ll find the main window and a sidebar containing a few different categories. Go to the sidebar and expand the “Security” section to find the “API access” setting. At first, it may seem that a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry because most of the fields can be left blank.

Bitstamp keys have an extensive permission system where you can limit the withdrawal addresses by using a key, IP, etc. Please, take into account that Blox works in “read-only” mode, so you don’t need to fill those fields for this API key.

Below the address limitation and the Two-Factor Authentication Code (which is mandatory), you can decide what permissions to grant for your unique key. In this case, simply tick “Account balance”, “User transactions” and “Open orders”. To read your account we only need those three.

To make sure that your assets are as secure as possible, in case you set your API key with more permissions than needed, our system will detect it and ask you to remove them.

As soon as you press the “Generate Key” button you will have two keys. First, activate them by and then copy them because you’ll need them to complete the auto-sync integration. Again, an image is better than a thousand words:

Ok, now that you’ve generated your keys, 80% of the work is done. Access Blox using our web app or mobile version and log in to your account. Do not forget that if it is your first time using our platform, you will need to create first a portfolio. Here you have a detailed tutorial for that.

Everything is ready for the final step: the sync. If you are using our web app, click the “+” button that it is at the top right of the screen. Just above the graph. For mobile, this button is at the bottom right and has a “+”.

A new window will show up where you need to select “Exchange Account” and just look for Bitstamp. Paste the keys (double checking blank spaces before and after) and your Customer ID.

Of course, do not forget to give the sync a name. After that, the final, and easiest step is clicking “Add”. Enjoy the magic!

From this moment on, your balance and trades in Bitstamp will be automatically updated in Blox.

In the unlikely event that you find any issue during this process, feel free to email us at and our team will be ready for you.

Happy Tracking!
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