BitGo is a very well-trusted crypto custodian that is commonly used by individuals, companies and organizations to safely store their assets. In this brief tutorial, we will explain to you, step-by-step, how to sync your BitGo account in Blox in just a few minutes.

First and foremost, we want to clarify that Blox cannot physically access your BitGo account. Here we will show how to set up everything to connect BitGo and Blox using read-only information.

To link BitGo and Blox, you will need to create an “Access Token”, a text string from BitGo that will enable blox to read your account’s information.

Step 1 – Create your Bitgo token

Log in to your BitGo account using your personal credentials. Once you do so, hover your mouse over your username and select “User Settings”. To make it easier, we’ve added a screenshot for you:

In the settings menu, click on “Developers Options” and then on “Add Access Token”.

Step 2 – Input Blox’s IP address

After competing these steps, you’ll need to name for your Token Label. This name can be whatever you’d like it to be, but we recommend you to name it Blox, just to help you recognize it for future reference.

After that, you can skip the next fields and scroll all the way down to “IP Addresses Allowed”. Here, you need to type Blox’s IP address, otherwise, we won’t be able to read your account’s information. The IP address is

Step 3 – Set Read-only permission

You’ll need to provide permissions for your ‘Access Token’. We remind you that Blox works in “read-only” mode and we just need you to select the “View” permission. Once you do so, accept the T&Cs and click on “Add Token”.

Step 4 – Save your access token

BitGo should have created a new Access Token for you. It is essentially a long text string. Copy it and save it for future reference. It should look like something like this:

Step 5 – Sync Bitgo to Blox

With your Access Token created, log in to your Blox account and open the portfolio into which you’d like to sync your BitGo account. To start the sync, simply click on the “+” sign located at the top right corner of the portfolio, just above the balance chart.

Right after that, a new window will appear where you need to decide the type of sync you want to make. This time, we will select “Sync Wallet Account”, the very first option:

We are just about done. Just a few final steps.

Select BitGo from the dropdown list and paste the Access Token you previously created in BitGo. Please, double check that for blank spaces before and after the Access Token, the ‘Access Token’ has to be pasted exactly as it appears.

Lastly, give your account a name to better identify it and click on “Add Auto-Syncing Account”.

That is it!

From this point on, your BitGo account will be synced and all your information will be updated automatically. In case you prefer visual aids, we’ve also prepared a video tutorial showing all the step using examples:

If you need further assistance or in case you encounter any issues, we will be more than happy to assist you. Send us an email to and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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