Bitfinex, founded in 2012, is one of the biggest trading platforms in the industry, offering services for cryptocurrency traders and global liquidity providers. Thousands of members use it to trade cryptos and now you can track all your movements automatically in Blox. In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to do it in just a couple of seconds.

First things first, in order to connect your Bitfinex account to Blox, you’ll first need to generate an API key. This is a set of two text strings that will enable blox to read your Bitfenix account information in order to track everything automatically in your blox dashboard. Please, take into account that Blox works in “read-only” mode, meaning that we can’t modify or touch your assets in any way.

To generate the key, you need to login to your Bitfinex account (, go to the top right corner of the screen to your account settings. There, click on “API”. You can see it in the following screenshot. Alternatively, you can access directly to

Now you are ready to create your key. If you take a look at the next screenshot, you’ll notice that you must tick all the “read” permissions and give the generated key a name. You don’t need to select any “write” permission. If you do it, our platform will detect it and ask you to remove those permissions. Once you mark everything, click on “Generate”.

At this point, you will have two text strings: an API key and API secret key. This is the information you will need to use in Blox to complete the sync. Here’s an example of how the keys should look like:

Time to make magic happen! Login to your blox account using your credentials and make sure you already have a created portfolio. Remember, in blox you can have an unlimited number of portfolios, but if you want a detailed explanation about how to create one, feel free to check this article.

With your portfolio ready to go, click the “+” button. You’ll find it on the top right corner of the screen. If you are using our mobile version, simply tap the “+” circle button in the bottom right corner of the portfolio tab.

Do you remember the set of keys you created in Bitfinex? Now is when you need to paste them in. Select “Exchange Account” from the first drop-down menu and Bitfinex in the second one. Paste your keys and do not forget to provide a name for the sync. It will help you identify your accounts in the future.

Don’t forget to double check blank spaces before and after the API keys!

The last step is to click on the “Add Auto-Syncing Account” button and wait a couple of seconds. Boom! Your Bitfinex account will be synced and all of your trades and balances will be tracked automatically. It is that easy with blox!


Happy tracking!
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