How To Add Or Edit Addresses In Address Book

This tutorial will guide you through the process of adding, editing or viewing your Address Book. Please follow the following instructions, or contact Blox for support.

addinG/editing addresses in the Blox address book

1. Go to your Transaction Table by clicking on the Transaction tab
2. There are two primary ways to edit and name your transactions. The quickest way is to simply click on the wallet address in the “From/To” section. You will then be able to name that specific transaction.



3. Click on the transaction you’d like to edit. That will open a window with more transaction details. Locate the wallet address field, and click the edit button, pictured below
3. Edit your Transaction Address This field can be labelled as you wish (alphanumeric and symbols). Don’t worry, you can also add or edit labels at a later time.
4. After editing or labeling the addresses, you can easily manage all of them under your ‘Addresses’ tab. In your Transaction Table, you can now find a new function named, Addresses, located in the top right corner, next to Classification’.
5. The Addresses section can be used to intuitively manage all of your addresses. You can now re-label your alphanumeric crypto wallet address and replace it with a label of your choice. For example: If you have a commonly used wallet address named, “Xy10eRLL980XLk2xp6v1NGWM”, you can now label it to say “Accounts Receivable”.

Once the steps above are completed, you will have been able to update/add/edit your address book with Blox!

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