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Blox empowers your finance and accounting teams with a feature-filled platform for precision tracking and management of your companies crypto assets, so you can focus on taking care of business.

It all starts with our powerful features.

A visual dashboard

View your account balances, analytics, transactions and reports in real-time

The intuitive dashboard consolidates all the features and components of Blox, giving you access to smarter ways to stay connected with your crypto accounts anywhere and anytime.

Complete privacy and security​

Blox is armed with smart security features to ensure your private information stays private

The platform is enabled with Touch ID, distributed admin privileges, and read-only access to provide a one-way window into your crypto accounts. Blox also offers custom security solutions for select customers.

Account for every transaction

Our platform offers the ability to label and classify transactions to improve the organization and allocation of assets, with options for multiple portfolios and accounts. 

Custom design transaction classifications to match your Chart of Accounts, with our new Tx Table. Finance teams now have a more organized approach for faster search and discovery of all your crypto transactions.

Collaborate in realtime

Enable your teams with the ability to collaborate, share projects, and complete reports in real time.

Share your portfolio with C-level executives, CPAs, auditors, and more, with enhanced permission controls for authorized access. Let your teams work smarter not harder.

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