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We know it׳s difficult to track your crypto assets

 and our platform makes it easy to sync your wallets, exchange accounts, and account balances, to view your entire crypto portfolio in one beautiful dashboard.

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Seamlessly sync the top blockchains, exchanges, and wallets – all in one easy-to-use platform. 

Blox’s proprietary API technology automatically aggregates and syncs user data to offer unparalleled accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting tools to help businesses and professionals maintain their company’s crypto financials.


Our stunningly simple user dashboard lets you view your account balances, analytics, transactions and reports in real-time

The intuitive dashboard consolidates all the features and components of Blox, giving users and finance teams access to smarter ways to stay connected with your crypto accounts anywhere and anytime.

Daily Balance Overview

Blox provides a complete overview with detailed daily snapshots of account balances and transaction activity, providing simplicity for finance teams and professionals.

Users can take advantage of specific filtering options to narrow down results across all your wallets, accounts and exchanges. View your their complete financial picture for an up-to-date, and accurate view into your crypto assets.

Security & Privacy

Blox is armed with smart security features to ensure your private information stays private. 

The platform is enabled with Touch ID, distributed admin privileges, and read-only access to provide a one-way window into your crypto accounts. Blox also offers custom security solutions for select customers.

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