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Assets under ManagementUp to $20M
Tx Storage50K
Cost BasisYes
CSV ExportYes
Support24hr Response Time


Assets under ManagementUp to $60M
Tx Storage150K
Cost BasisYes
CSV ExportYes
SupportDedicated Account Manager


Assets under ManagementUnlimited
Tx StorageCustom
Cost BasisYes
CSV ExportYes
SupportDedicated Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the plans we offer? Check out these frequently answered questions.

How can I upgrade my Blox account?

There is no problem updating your tier to get more out of your blox. Simply visit our upgrade page and send us your details. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Do you have a free version?

Yes, our pro version is free! You’re able to enjoy most features and functionalities, with a limitation on the amount of money you can manage in the platform and the available Tx storage bank.

Where can I purchase CDT tokens?

CDT is available for trading on Binance, Mercatox, and HitBTC.

What role does CDT hold in Blox ecosystem?


CDT is being used at the moment in our business & enterprise tiers with companies and individuals who wish to improve the way they manage their crypto assets. Our users are able to use CDT for a substantial discount on our services or for using all features and functions blox holds. For more information you can visit our website CDT or pricing page.

What are the different plans Blox has to offer?

Blox offers a total number of four tiers that users are able to choose from, ranging from solutions for professionals to Enterprise level, with the ability to customize plans for specific clientele.
For more information please visit our Plans & Pricing page or contact us at for specific information about your needs.

Why do you accept fiat if you are a crypto company?

In an ideal world, all companies and enterprises would own cryptocurrencies with which they can pay for services and applications. But until that happens, we need to make sure to adjust ourselves to the industry, the players and the markets.

Which wallet do I need to hold CDT?

CDT can be held in any Ethereum (ERC20) wallet that you may choose. As long as the wallet is valid and active, blox will be able to verify and approve your activity.

How can I stake CDT?

Please visit the following link for staking CDT.

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