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Company News

Customer of the Week – Monolith

For our Customer of the Week, we catch up with CFO of Monolith, Bertie Stanley! Blox connects with our diverse portfolio of clients to show

Crypto Tax

The Problems With Crypto Tax Regulation

Cryptocurrency taxation is continuing to remain a trending topic within the crypto, blockchain and fintech world. The U.S-based, IRS, is responsible for outlining and clarifying

Updates from Blox

Let’s Talk Crypto Tracking: Why I’m Bullish on Blox

In the relatively short time I have been involved in more of a full time capacity, the Blockchain industry has exploded, retraced, then likewise begun a steady ascent towards project proliferation and overall general public market adoption.

Industry News

Cardano the Japanese Ethereum

In an attempt to understand who are our industry leaders, we’ll continue going over some of the biggest blockchain companies in the industry. This time around, we’ll briefly look into Cardano, AKA the Japanese Ethereum. (In case you were wondering why it was given that name, 95% of the participants in the ADA ICO were Japanese.)

Updates from Blox

Mainstream Media and the War on Blockchain Advertising.

The cryptocurrency markets as of late have been their usual self, sharing in their fair share of FUD, FOMO and overall volatility aplenty’. But while these market pricing and exchange swings have been inconsistent, one thing has remained certain: Mainstream media is cracking down on all forms of advertisement and promotion of cryptocurrency platforms, applications, tokens and branding.

Company News

CoinDash — Blox

Introducing, Blox, a cleaner, simpler and more advanced tracking platform for all your crypto needs

Industry News

Will it be NEO After All ?

“…blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets by using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.”

Industry News

2018 The Year of the Altcoins

Will Altcoins out perform world wide indexes in 2018? Check out the following article about where Altcoins are headed and what you should do about it