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Customer of the Week

Customer of the Week – Bitcoin Change

When cryptocurrencies first became available for public purchase, only the true geeks and enthusiasts knew how to navigate these unchartered waters of digital cryptocurrencies.Fast forward

Updates from Blox

Three Key Announcements From Consensus 2018

Consensus 2018 was truly an incredible experience with massive participation by cutting edge and traditional cryptocurrency companies alike. The established corporations represented included the likes of Microsoft, IBM & Deloitte. The list of established and upcoming blockchain companies was staggering, showing marked increase in both funding and overall market participation year over year. All in all, here are three key announcements from Consensus 2018 to consider for the future.

Updates from Blox

5 Promising Projects Attending Consensus 2018 to Watch

The sheer volume of participants and businesses attending Consensus 2018 is staggering. Many projects and platforms will be represented, ranging from innovative use cases for blockchain technology, to up and coming exchange options, to even cryptocurrency portfolio trackers and applications. Consensus is THE convention to attend if you are a professional in the cryptocurrency industry. With that in mind, here are 5 promising projects attending consensus to watch for announcements and future developments.

Industry News

Crypto Assets Regulation: When you Only have a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

2017 caught the blockchain industry by surprise. Those of us who’ve been a part of it in the early days, could not have imagined how fast this small, family like industry would, so quickly, become the talking point around every dinner table in a matter of twelve months. This surge, also caught our regulators by surprise.

Updates from Blox

Industry in Review: Correction, Causation & Correlation

Recently during a session entitled “Oversight of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance” (available below), varying opinions were shared regarding ICO regulations and oversight changes as they could be applied to the industry within the United States specific markets.

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