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Customer of the Week

Customer of the Week –

It has been a wild few weeks around the world, but right now we stop to catch up with a special client,! A website

Updates from Blox

The Beginner Series: Managing your Crypto Emotions

One of the toughest things to deal with in the crypto space when it comes to investing is learning how to control your emotions. It can be very tough to see when you invest in a coin and then it goes down about 5% right after. A very big problem for beginners is that they tend to invest in coins, and then if the coin drops even a little amount, they sell at a loss and then they choose to buy another coin. This process then rinses and repeats. The process ultimately leads to money loss very easily. It can also get to the point where it can just ruin your mood for the entire day, or even week. In fact, I would say thatlearning to control your emotions is the hardest thing in all of cryptocurrency. In this entry of The Beginner Series, I am going to give pointers as to how to avoid letting trades influence your emotions.

Updates from Blox

Bulls, Dead Cats and Bears, oh my! – My BTC technical analysis

In general, this month, what happened was exactly what I had predicted last time I wrote to you. I was a bit offset as price was consolidating a bit longer than I expected, but it happened!! Just like we said it would. My ultimate support line held firmly, price broke through the first resistance line (which is now support), so now I expect a small reversal to re-test that line and confirm a change of trend direction to a bullish one, let’s see what happens.

Updates from Blox

Blockchain, Drones & Robots, Science Function? More Like the Future!

I’m relatively new to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In reality, I’ve only been delving myself into the world of crypto/blockchain since January of this year. However, I did have a brief encounter with it in 2013, back when bitcoin was worth approximately $60USD per coin. I thought ‘hey, this is cool! I can mine stuff on my computer and make money?! I’m in!’ Regrettably, I didn’t take it very seriously at that time. I mined for a short period then simply forgot about it. I’m pretty sure MtGox still owes me some money for what I did mine.

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Crypto Tax Report

Blox & Sovos Crypto Tax Report

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