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Company News

The Final Day For The Blox Mobile App

A new era is ahead. On March 1st, 2020, Blox will be closing its mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems and all

Industry News

Crypto Assets Regulation: When you Only have a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

2017 caught the blockchain industry by surprise. Those of us who’ve been a part of it in the early days, could not have imagined how fast this small, family like industry would, so quickly, become the talking point around every dinner table in a matter of twelve months. This surge, also caught our regulators by surprise.

Updates from Blox

Industry in Review: Correction, Causation & Correlation

Recently during a session entitled “Oversight of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance” (available below), varying opinions were shared regarding ICO regulations and oversight changes as they could be applied to the industry within the United States specific markets.

Updates from Blox

Partnerships: Important but Secondary to Underlying Technologies

The last 12 months in the cryptocurrency industry has seen many notable partnerships created with traditional and innovative businesses alike. Some of these partnerships have fallen to the wayside, others have flourished, and some even have even been revealed to be completely fabricated. As noted below, founders of now infamous Centra have been indicted and face criminal charges due in part to their fraudulent claim of a non-existent Visa partnership.

Industry News

The Wall Street Massacre

The US stock markets reminded us that in the world of financial investments, there aren’t many ‘safe’ options, probably none. Just like the cryptos, stock and commodity investors have experienced one of the toughest months on Wall St. since 2008. Dow Jones, FTSE Nasdaq and even industry leaders like Apple have experienced considerable falls across the markets.