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The Final Day For The Blox Mobile App

A new era is ahead. On March 1st, 2020, Blox will be closing its mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems and all

Updates from Blox

The Beginner Series: Managing Your Crypto Portfolio

I see you. You’re the type of person to have Nano on Binance, XMR on Kraken, LTC on Coinbase, ETH on Kucoin, and EOS in your cryptocurrency wallet (well, maybe this is an exaggeration, but just roll with it). You remember that you had bought some MCO the other day and want to check up on it. As you try to do this, you realize one big thing — you don’t know where it is. As you become more accustomed to the crypto environment you will slowly realize that you are going all over the place. It starts with the simple, “Where is that Ethereum I got last week” to evolving into, “I don’t know which of my coins are where.” You get to the point where you don’t even know how much of what coin do you own nor how much all your assets are worth anymore. Don’t worry, I will save you.

Updates from Blox

The Beginner Series: Managing your Crypto Emotions

One of the toughest things to deal with in the crypto space when it comes to investing is learning how to control your emotions. It can be very tough to see when you invest in a coin and then it goes down about 5% right after. A very big problem for beginners is that they tend to invest in coins, and then if the coin drops even a little amount, they sell at a loss and then they choose to buy another coin. This process then rinses and repeats. The process ultimately leads to money loss very easily. It can also get to the point where it can just ruin your mood for the entire day, or even week. In fact, I would say thatlearning to control your emotions is the hardest thing in all of cryptocurrency. In this entry of The Beginner Series, I am going to give pointers as to how to avoid letting trades influence your emotions.