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Customer of the Week

Customer of the Week – Bitcoin Change

When cryptocurrencies first became available for public purchase, only the true geeks and enthusiasts knew how to navigate these unchartered waters of digital cryptocurrencies.Fast forward

Meet the team - Lior Revivo
Company News

Meet The Team – Lior Revivo

Meet the blox team with Lior Revivo, Blox Director of Product Management. Get to know our team, its passion, vision, and hobbies through our short Q&As.

Company News

Starting 2019 with a bang!

Blox and Blox Business products are now a unified single product, aimed at crypto professionals, businesses and enterprises.

Updates from Blox

Who is the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto?

Since the inception of Bitcoin the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto has etched itself into the folklore and history of the blockchain industry. No one could deny

Ready to stake with Blox?

Introducing Blox Staking, a new service offering non-custodial staking for Ethereum 2.0.