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Understanding Security for Crypto Management & Accounting

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The future of crypto accounting is becoming more and more necessary as crypto and blockchain become more accepted in the mainstream arena. Tracking and managing assets for accounting and bookkeeping is exceptionally vital for professionals and businesses that rely on accuracy of their numbers and require automation to handle their large volumes of assets and transactions.


It is important to note that crypto management and accounting needs to be more then accurate and automated, it requires powerful security.


For Blox, our official motto is: “Absolutely powerful security, can keep you and your assets absolutely protected. Anything less, is not enough.”


Blox is dedicated to enforcing the highest standards of security to protect your business from internal and external forces. We keep your assets and private information safe and secure with an array of security-focused features.


We start right from when you sign up, using Auth0, a universal authentication and authorization service. With our secured platform, its easy to enable TouchID and FaceID to securely log into your account, we execute quarterly security audits, fully-secured API account synching, and distributed admin privileges to limit control and authority.


To take it to the next level, Blox uses “Read-Only” access to provide a one-way window into your companies crypto accounts and information. That means no actions can be made in real life while using the Blox platform.


Take a deeper look at some of our powerful security features.

Easily sync the top exchanges and wallets in one place. Never worry about a breach. Blox uses our secure API to safely aggregate all your private information.

Blox ensures that no information on our platform can be distributed to individuals or teams outside the organization without given privileged access.

We keep you connected to your crypto at home, in the office or on the go. We never compromise on security, so we give users fast TouchID and FaceID access to all of their crypto accounts.

Our platform enlists the help of a cyber-security company to provide quarterly security audits to run penetration tests on all of our layers of security.

We enable your team to have full control or limited access with Blox distributed admin privileges. This makes it easy to authorize who is collaborating and their levels of access over private information.

We enable Read-only access to provide a one-way window into your companies crypto accounts and information. This means that no actions can be made in real life while using our services.

Blox leverages Amazon Web Services to support or platform. With 99.99% uptime and multiple backup redundancies, your information and private accounts always remain safely in the cloud.

Blox takes advantage of Auto0 universal authentication and authorization platform for web and mobile. This ensures all users identities and information are always secure from the moment they signup.

For our customers with eccentric or unique security concerns, we offer bespoke security solutions that can be customized to fit all your cyber-security needs.

Spreadsheets are good, but they are far from perfect for crypto asset management, accounting, and bookkeeping.


Spreadsheets are a tool used by millions around the world for businesses and professionals, yet, most people never consider there lack of security until it’s too late. The Blox platform provides comprehensive security to offset the risks that businesses face when relying on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, for storing and managing sensitive crypto financial data.


See the privacy and security advanteges when using the Blox platform.

  • Shares information on a massive scale between people inside and outside of an organization
  • Employees are one click away from enabling public visibility and editing from outside your network
  • The open and collaborative nature means private data does not have guaranteed security
  • Manual entry is prone to human error and input mistakes


  • Only built for a single user in an off-line scenario
  • Excel files are usually shared via email between people in or outside of the organization
  • Very poor permissions and security controls can leave your information insecure
  • No dedicated tools for accountants and bookkeepers such as audit trails and automated inputs
  • Can be easily shared with the wrong person with no ability to revoke access
  • Blox does not allow our platform to publicly expose your data or share it with the wrong person in or outside of the organization
  • Collaboration becomes seamless, simple and secure with privileged access settings for each user.
  • Empowering accountants and bookkeepers with dedicated tools built just for them
  • Read-only access for a one-way window into a company’s crypto assets

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