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Tracking your Crypto Assets Just Became Much Easier

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Managing a business means having many different moving parts that are meant to collaborate together to deliver success. These parts may include but are not limited to, having a team for marketing, business development, customer support, operations, finance, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. Having so many moving parts is what makes management so difficult and confusing. Managing finances when it comes to cryptocurrency is even harderBlox relieves the stress from businesses having to deal with financial management for crypto assets.

No need to manually keep track of everything

A common complication that occurs throughout financial accounting is that there is a ton of extra work due to having to manually keep track of every single expense, addition, or asset movement. With Blox, everything sticks together all in one place. Blox contains support for a wide array of crypto assets including, Bitcoin wallets, Ethereum Wallets, NEO wallets, and goes on to support major exchanges such as BinanceBitrexHitBTC, Poloniex, and contains full Coinbase support. The support Blox offers in terms of crypto asset management is unparalleled, and we are continuing to offer support for more options in the future.

A fully secure platform

Now, how does Blox do this? We do it by taking the application program interface (API) of whichever platform you are trying to track. Now, does this mean that Blox has the ability to alter the number of assets you have? No. This is because the tracking system Blox uses is through a Read-Only API usage, which means that Blox cannot affect any of the information that is given to it, it can just take in the data. This means on a security front, all funds that are revealed to Blox are safe from being manipulated.

Working together has never been easier

Crypto Asset tracking just became much easier
Blox for Finance

A second important feature Blox offers has to deal with collaboration. As mentioned earlier, having a business involves many different parts working together to achieve success. What also needs to be mentioned is that in those individual parts are even smaller parts working together just for that one part. For example, a finance team doesn’t just consist of one person (usually) that is trying to do bookkeeping. It will have various individuals in that sector helping each other. How do these individuals help each other when it terms to accounting? Are they just assigned to keep track of certain different transactions then mesh everything together in the end? No. There needs to be a way for all individuals to be able to work with the same information in real-time. This is where Blox again comes handy. Blox allows companies access to share the workspace with team members, auditors, CFO, and CPA. Members are allowed to make suggestions and even contribute to the work of other team members. It works very similar to how a shared Google Doc would — enabling access to edit, view, or comment, while sharing to specific members, making accounting for crypto a breeze.

The extra great thing about Blox is that is can be accessed anywhere. You can view the same information on mobile or on the web.

Taxes will always be taxes, but easier!

Streamline communications with crypto ERP, CPA and auditors

Lastly, but most importantly, is the taxes problem. Anyone involved within the cryptocurrency sphere knows the pain that taxes cause. Everyone knows that they need to do them, but very few know how to do them right. What do I have to record? Do I need to record everything? What happens if I don’t put in the correct information? What if I lost some of the records? These are such common questions when it comes to crypto and taxes that are left with little to no answers, unless, you have Blox. Blox allows for your crypto accounting records to be exported in CSV form, so data can easily be compared with your normal finances.

With Blox, tracking your crypto assets just became much easier. There is no need to go through countless spreadsheets in order to collaborate. No need to manually input data in order to keep track of your assets. There is a secure, accessible, platform that solves as the ultimate accounting for crypto. No more misunderstandings. No more struggle.

Do yourself a favor and check out blox blog today, you will be glad you did!

Get Blox. Get Better.

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