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The Top Crypto Accounting & Tax Firms You Should Know About

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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, both technologically and financially, and it’s only in its infancy.

As blockchain technology continues to revolutionize business operations, crypto’s market cap hovers around $164 billion as of April 2019. Spread across more than 2,500 currencies (according to , that money requires a different breed of accounting firm to handle it.


Several growing companies are luckily working in this space to blend financial professionalism with technological know-how. This list covers some of the top accounting and bookkeeping firms in the crypto industry today:

Aprio LLP

Aprio helps manage the complexities of Blockchain tax and financial reporting. Their years of experience enables the development of accounting and financial reporting best practices, helping companies navigate the domestic and international accounting and tax obstacles associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain accounting, while maximizing the value of blockchain ventures.

Azran Financial

A boutique accounting firm specializing in servicing entrepreneurs and investors, Azran Financial, offer blockchain accounting, auditing, taxation, due diligence and a variety of services. They help a wide range of clients from blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, to exchanges and issuers of crypto coins and tokens.

Cohen & Co

One of the leading cryptocurrency audit and tax practices in the USA, Cohen & Co serves more than 100 crypto funds and goes beyond the traditional audit and tax services to offer stable coin attest services, crypto-specific outsourced CFO services and a variety of unique accounting and tax offerings for crypto and blockchain companies. COhen & Co also works with several organizations to help educate regulators and even establish best practices in areas such as valuation for digital assets, and much more.


Armanino LLP understand the unique challenges faced by businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology into legacy systems. THey offer a full range of specialized services to help organizations gain the full breadth of benefits that technology has to offer.

Friedman LLP

Friedman LLP provides digital currency services to both domestic and international clients. Their expertise enables blockchain and cryptocurrency companies with their accounting, reporting and tax compliance requirements, ensuring proper management and assessment.

JFDI Accountants

A global leader in crypto accounting, JFDI’s turnkey solution will quickly help you analyze and report your crypto activity accurately. They provide crypto accounting, reporting and digital asset management for industry leading companies such as Hosho, Kraken and Quantstamp.

The Crypto CPAs

Straightforward and masterful, The Crypto CPAs helps average American citizens stay aboveboard with their crypto investments. Founded by two crypto-loving CPAs, this company also provides services for ICO projects to stay in compliance with all major regulatory bodies.


A full-service accounting and consulting firm, BPM doesn’t just do crypto — but it does that, too. With 40 partners and a top-five ranking in the Bay Area, BPM offers services for exchanges, risk and investment management, alternative lending, payment processing, and everything in between.

La Rusa

Based in Clearwater, Florida, La Rusa may not be a big-city firm, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the crypto loop. On the contrary, La Rusa has helped Americans navigate the emerging crypto world for the last few years. Focusing on citizens and businesses alike, this firm helps clients avoid unexpected headaches come tax time.

Wilson Tax Law Group

In trouble for filing cryptocurrency taxes incorrectly? Fear not — Wilson Tax Law Group is here to help. With tax attorneys experienced in the uncertain crypto world, Wilson knows how to help clients limit their tax liabilities and come to mutually acceptable agreements with the IRS.

Taxing Cryptocurrency

As the name suggests, Taxing Cryptocurrency is all about cryptocurrency tax and accounting services. With a team of crypto-savvy CPAs and bookkeepers, Taxing Cryptocurrency helps citizens and businesses limit their liability and invest in the crypto market with confidence. This may be a new company on the block, but its employees have been involved in the crypto evolution since the beginning.


Based in the U.K., MyCryptotax offers a full range of cryptocurrency accounting and bookkeeping services. While other companies stick to tax season, MyCryptotax handles long-term projects including wealth management and bookkeeping. Unfortunately for Americans, this business only operates in the U.K. for now.

Bumpers & Company

Unlike crypto startups, Bumpers & Company has been around for quite a while — since the 1920s, to be exact. The firm has evolved with the times and now offers cryptocurrency management for all its existing services, which include tax planning and preparation, consulting, accounting, and auditing for individuals and small businesses.


While the IRS and other regulators shuffled their feet, CLA took matters into its own hands. Today, this established firm’s teams handle individual and corporate cryptocurrency accounting needs. The company prides itself on its ability to go beyond compliance to help investors big and small manage their cryptocurrency financials.

Green Trader Tax

Traders need CPAs who understand their unique financial needs. Green Trader Tax takes pride in providing for those needs by helping traders, investment managers, and other active contributors to the cryptocurrency revolution keep their affairs in order.

IBA Group

IBA considers itself to be the leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain accounting for good reason. With a full suite of crypto accounting services for individuals, companies, and even other accounting firms, IBA helps everyone with a stake in the crypto world. Whether for short-term tax questions or broader concerns about strategy, IBA does it all.

Happy Tax Service

A remote firm, Happy Tax Service keeps things simple for crypto investors. Offering a variety of packages, Happy helps exchange users of all activity levels keep their finances in order on up to 10,000 transactions across up to 20 exchanges.

Cross Law Group

Operating in all 50 states, Cross Law Group specializes in federal and state returns for cryptocurrency investors and traders. From individual to business taxes and from domestic investments to offshore accounts, this business knows how to help crypto lovers with tax preparation and consultations.

Crypto Tax Girl

Laura, the Crypto Tax Girl, has helped more than 600 clients understand the evolving world of crypto finance. Focusing on small businesses and individuals of all wealth levels, her company has deep experience with how the IRS treats cryptocurrency taxation and how investors can limit their liabilities. She offers consultations, gain and loss reports, returns, and advisory services, plus two tax courses for DIYers.

Goldfine & Company

Based in New York City, Goldfine & Company likes to stay up to date on the latest cryptocurrency trends and coins. With experience accounting for more than 700 coins across a variety of exchanges, this firm keep clients in compliance all year long. Goldfine & Company works with individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Bitcoin Taxes

After Bitcoin set the cryptocurrency standard, Bitcoin Taxes arose to help individuals and accountants navigate the churning waters of the cryptocurrency sea. With extensive, user-friendly guides on crypto tax filing, Bitcoin Taxes allows users to import data from exchanges to file easily and quickly. For those who need further help, Bitcoin Taxes even offers a directory of taxation professionals.

Fagan & Fagan

Thanks to 30 years of experience and clients ranging from individuals to international enterprises, Fagan & Fagan has seen it all. This California-based CPA firm handles all traditional CPA tasks, including tax preparation, accounting, consulting, and bookkeeping, and knows how to address crypto investments in every stage of the process.

Crypto Tax Advisors

Founded by a former Big Four senior tax manager, Crypto Tax Advisors helps both investors and accounting firms understand the ins and outs of crypto trading and taxation. This firm doesn’t just help crypto traders file taxes — it can also help businesses structure their operations to maximize savings. Tax professionals can consult Crypto Tax Advisors to learn how to help their own clients with crypto.

Pythagus, LLC

More than an accounting firm, Pythagus brands itself as a financial management company with a deep background in crypto. Acknowledging how little guidance the IRS provides for crypto investors, Pythagus helps individuals and businesses with accounting, reporting, and compliance. This company accepts crypto payments and owns coins in multiple wallets, so clients know they’re working with someone who walks the walk.

Seva Ltd.

Though licensed in Maryland and Alabama, Seva Ltd. provides services to clients worldwide. Focusing primarily on business clients, the firm takes over the role of CFO for small businesses to handle books, payroll, and more. Blending expertise in cryptocurrency, immigration, foreign tax law, and regulatory compliance, Seva Ltd. helps clients all over the world keep more of their crypto earnings.

Tax Cryptos

Neil E. Kelley, founder of Tax Cryptos, has worked in derivatives trading and taxation since 1978. Today, his firm offers tax advice to crypto traders and miners in addition to its traditional securities commodities clients. Working from limited guidance from the IRS, Tax Cryptos educates clients on the letter and spirit of crypto tax law to make compliance simple.

Genesis Tax Consultants, LLC

While most firms cater primarily to Americans at home, Genesis Tax Consultants does much of its business for expats abroad. The firm acknowledges that crypto law as it exists today treats coins the same as property, capital gains and all, but recognizes that could change any year. Would-be clients can peruse the firm’s rich historical accounting of crypto’s emergence into the taxable world before booking services.

JAG CPAs & Co.

As a firm dedicated to entrepreneurial growth and client success, JAG CPAs & Co. wants to help more entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In crypto, that means helping everyone from small-time investors to crypto startup founders. As one of the few firms able to help ICO clientele, this company’s simple, no-nonsense approach and fixed price agreements make collaboration easy.

Out West Advisors

Created to bring accounting and CFO services to underserved industries and markets, Out West Advisors knows how to work in the c-suite with confidence. Based in California, the experts at Out West Advisors like to get involved with the businesses they serve to design custom solutions and ensure everything they touch not only stays in compliance but remains optimized for success. Though not explicitly a crypto-focused firm, this company has more than enough experience to help investors and crypto business owners alike.

Harp Law

People deep in the cryptocurrency world need lawyers who understand their unique positions. Harp Law not only offers tax compliance and reporting services but also contract assistance for developers and service providers, social media influencer agreements, and advertising. For any matter involving crypto law, Harp Law has the experience the tackle the challenge.

Founder’s CPA

Not many accounting firms operate with the same tech-forward, entrepreneurial approach that Founder’s CPA takes. Focused exclusively on startups and small businesses, this firm runs an expert blog that walks crypto lovers through the shifting world of crypto taxes (as well as other small business concerns). Founder’s CPA’s niche approach allows it to provide deep, expert guidance in the startup and crypto arenas.

Crypto Tax Pro EZ

Crypto Tax Pro EZ helps crypto investors of all stripes handle their reconciliation reports and tax preparation. Specializing in cases where investors may be a bit behind their obligations to the IRS, this company begins every client engagement with a thorough analysis of previous returns to identify potential problems. With the past settled, Crypto Tax Pro EZ helps clients develop strategies to minimize future liabilities.

Camuso CPA

More than a tax preparer, Camuso CPA wants to help clients take a proactive approach and gain long-term perspective about their crypto accounting needs. With ongoing business support, Camuso clients can feel confident that they are not only in compliance but positioned for continued success. Thanks to a deep network of connections in cryptocurrency circles, Camuso staffs an expert team with a unique perspective on crypto accounting.

Global Expat Advisors

American businesses operating overseas file taxes, too, and Global Expat Advisors wants to help. With extensive experience in offshore business accounting, this firm understands how to help business clients keep more of their cryptocurrency without falling into hot water with regulatory bodies. Because offshore accounts already fall under extra scrutiny, Global Expat Advisors works to ensure clients from average traders to high-volume miners stay compliant.

Temko Financial Consulting, LLC

Temko Financial Consulting partners with a variety of crypto clients, which is why the firm offers classes to help new investors understand the financial implications of their new investments. Based in Tampa, Florida, but serving clients nationwide, Temko Financial Consulting provides both financial and IT consulting services for businesses working in the crypto industry.

Virtual Tax Inc.

Individuals and businesses anywhere in the country can lean on Virtual Tax Inc. for cryptocurrency accounting help. By keeping everything online, simple, and efficient, this firm guides both fledgling investors and savvy crypto experts through the pitfalls of tax compliance. Virtual Tax Inc. serves mostly smaller clients, providing the personalized help that the unique crypto industry needs.

Blockchain Tax Partners specializes in cross-border tax planning and business model optimization for cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain Tax Partners collaborates with organizations to achieve their goals, growing companies from a startup model to multinational enterprises. Our specialists have extensive experience in initial coin offerings, initial exchange offerings, security token offerings, global fund formations, legal entity optimization, and creating flexible, cross-border investable structures. BTP provides everything an organization needs and nothing it doesn’t, at a price that fits within the burn rate. Get world class advice, for less.


As cryptocurrency becomes a more common investment vehicle, more firms will learn to help individuals and businesses navigate the crypto waters.


These firms are some of the first to do it, and their early experience in crypto makes them ideal partners for anyone looking for assistance now or in the future.

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