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Blox Launches Web 3.0

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Blox believes there is no such thing as being content or complacent. Everytime we launch a new feature, tool or integration, we immediately begin planning on the next launch, striving to make our platform better at every twist and turn in the industry. Crypto accounting and taxation is evolving at blinding speeds, and it’s Blox’s job to evolve with the industry.

We are excited to launch Blox Web 3.0 and an assortment of intuitive new features!

Our customers were dismayed to learn that Blox will be closing the mobile app on February 1st. The move frees up our time and resources to pivot our focus to the web, the home of the Blox platform for thousands of crypto professionals and businesses worldwide. Our users will start to see a steady stream of improvements make their way into the platform – increased speed, accuracy and greater clarity. All of which is dedicated to improving the performance and experience for our users.

We want to share a bit more information about the new Blox Web 3.0 – lets do it!

Web 3.0 – A Redesigned User Experience

Your Blox journey begins with our opening dashboard, redesigned and revamped our web to deliver more useful information at a glance. From the dashboard, it’s even easier to navigate the different features in just a few clicks.

The new dashboard will now contain your portfolio value, recent transactions, asset breakdown and informative graphic aids, enabling professionals to extract insights even faster than before. Users will experience greater accessibility, fine-tuned workflows, a smarter way to view transactions, and statistical visualizations that are functional and not just pretty to look at.


We optimized the overview of assets and accounts by designing an entirely new dashboard. 

Assets and Accounts are located in a new section to make it easier for users to track and manage them. Users can now access greater information and functionality, such as adding account notes, the number of transactions per-account, allocation of assets, total balance and make it easier to discover errors and problems. This new change comes with dozens of small tweaks and improvements under the hood.




Users of the Blox platform rely on our End of Day Snapshot feature to provide all the essential financial details at the end of the work day. Our users loved it so much, we produced the End of Month Snapshots, which will total the performance of assets at the end of each month. This allows professionals to reconcile their work with speed and accuracy, every day and every month.




Need to import an existing CSV file containing all your transactions? Blox has developed our first import tool. The new tool comes with a handy guide to help professionals format and upload their CSV files directly into the Blox system. If sources are not yet integrated with Blox, users will now have a greater ability to integrate transactions.

There is always more where that came from!

See the new Web 3.0 in action:



We will keep you updated with not only our latest updates and changes, but all of the important crypto tax and accounting news to keep you fully informed.

We thank you for reading more about our new Blox Web 3.0, and if you would like to learn more about our products and services, visit our home page and submit your details!

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