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Blox Feature Review: Just HODL it!

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As was mentioned in my previous article, there are numerous cryptocurrency related applications available within mobile app stores that are focused on everything from up to the minute trading market indicators, to current news, to wallet functionality, and likewise finally to portfolio tracking and insights.

While applications abound, truly unique tools and UI flow are not nearly as prevalent. This has created a unique showcasing opportunity for Blox, which has continued to meet and exceed my expectations with every update they release.

Of interesting note is their latest foray into the field of unique, user-centric (and requested!) application features. As outlined in their brief Youtube tutorial, the HODL Button has seen inclusion into the Blox platform amidst much fanfare.

This feature specifically is exciting to see come to fruition, if only for the fact that it was mentioned so early on in the lifecycle of Blox. While the Telegram sits at nearly 1k users at this time, I remember this being made mention during a user count of less than 200 users. Taking each and every recommendation and suggestion to heart, Blox continues to maintain, review, develop and track direct community feedback and response as it applies to the application development process.

I personally feel this is the first of many user requested features and toolsets that will further allow Blox to shine and showcase it’s direct connection with the community of users as it applies to the ongoing and agile development process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, much more to come…

Blox Team 

(Contributed by Kevin Steele, head of blox ambassadors)

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