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Time to Stop and Think

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The cryptos have given an entire generation fantasies of early retirements, luxuries lifestyles and dream cars, but every once in a while, we wake up to a harsher reality reminding us that the road to success is filled with ups and downs and nothing is free in life after all. The past few days have been a constant downward spiral, leaving many investors at a loss for words.

The roller-coaster week we’ve all have should make us stop for a few minutes and reflect on the crypto markets and the value that they offer, after all, aren’t tech companies supposed to make our lives better and easier? Well, not really.

In the past year, the cryptos have boomed exponentially, with money pouring from all parts of the globe, from all sectors of society and towards ANY project that makes the slightest mention of blockchain technologies or Bitcoin, after all, everyone becomes rich in the end, right? Wrong.

The blockchain is here to make our lives better, the tech is bleeding edge, the possibilities are endless, but like any other man-made operation, there are those who try to make a quick buck, even if it is on people’s expense. In 2017, we saw countless ICOs and companies offering investors the ‘next’ big thing, not many actually offer anything palpable, it’s almost as if a nice website, decent looking white paper and cool branding are enough to raise millions in just a few hours.

Now that the markets are turning green again, it might be time to rethink where to send our tokens. Maybe projects are supposed to die to make room for newer, cleaner and less scammy.

Blox Team

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