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Customer of the Week – Bitcoin Change

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When cryptocurrencies first became available for public purchase, only the true geeks and enthusiasts knew how to navigate these unchartered waters of digital cryptocurrencies.Fast forward years later and still many people are unaware of how or where to buy their first taste of Bitcoin.


For our Customer of the Week we highlight a company called Bitcoin Change! They wanted to solve the challenge of difficult entry into buying/selling or trading crypto assets.


This is the story of how they began their journey to helping people get involved in this growing market.


Blox invites you to read on and join us to learn more!

What is your company all about?

We are the first and only Crypto ATM network operating in Israel. We offer private clients the ability to use our ATMs, exchanging between cash (ILS) to crypto (BTC, ETH, BCH). Currently operate several ATMs, for buying and selling crypto for cash.


We offer a fast, easy and secure way to buy bitcoin with cash, and vice versa. Everything is done through our ATM at our chic, brick-and-mortar locations. In the near future we will be expanding our operations outside of Israel.


Tell us about what you do at Bitcoin Change.


Avi Dayan is the founder and CEO of Bitcoin Change, after his previous role as Banking relationship Manager at a payments platform. He discovered his love for Bitcoin over 4 years ago and began to explore various ways to transfer funds and add payment options. “I helped to establish a network of acquiring banks, payment provides an alternative payment method. Bitcoin and crypto ultimately became the most promising technology, with the ability to support cross-border money remittance. Even my children are the proud owners of 1 BTC! “



How is your company using the Blox platform?


It took our company a long time to discover the right solution for crypto bookkeeping and accounting. After finding Blox, we began using the platform to sync all our wallets and exchange accounts. It became so much easier to view all our assets on one single dashboard and monitor transactions and balances. We also use the Blox system for reporting purposes and portfolio value tracking.



What challenge has the Blox platform solved for your company?

This exempted us from having to check the balance on each account and wallet separately, saving us a lot of time we couldn’t afford to spend. It also gave us the solution to tag each transaction and add specific notes that makes it far more organized for us to manage. Our company saves more than 10 hours a week just by using their platform.



Tell us more about the company…

Bitcoin-Change was born in July 2017, located at the heart of Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street a few meters from Dizengoff’s famous square for a reason, to address the public and make these financial services available to all layers of society and not just computer geeks and technology fans who were the first to experiment with the system and helped adopt it.



The company assists people from various ages to understand what and how the Bitcoin system works, how to download and use their digital/hardware wallet, how to handle and secure their funds.

Tel Aviv Office:



Blox would like to thank Bitcoin Change and Avi for speaking with us and sharing your thoughts. It is great companies like you that serve to help the world of blockchain grow, but just for businesses but for the people!


You can learn more about Bitcoin Change online by visiting this link here.


Thank you,
Team Blox

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