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What is Stox – Blox Featured Crypto Project $STX

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What is Stox? Stox is “an open source, Ethereum based prediction market platform, where users can make their predictions to generate their portion of a stake for a specified event.”

More specifically, Stox allows for a multitude of users to predict the outcome of NUMEROUS active markets and events, while individually staking in the outcome with the platform token, $STX. Users are able to select between a wide range of categories. Those include Politics, Sports, Crypto, Technology and a lot more. Stox users predict an outcome and share in the rewards between all of those who have chosen wisely.

What is Stox and What Makes Stox Special

Stox continues to describe their product as a single token economy. They elaborate as follows, “Using the wisdom of the crowd, combined with their own individual skills and knowledge, people will be able to predict the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category: Finance, sports, politics, and even the weather”. Powering the platform is the STX digital token used primarily for fees, as collateral, and the currency for event predictions.”

what is stox
STX on blox

About The Stox Team

Yossi Peretz

Stox’s own CEO, Yossi Peretz is an experienced executive and business development professional with a proven track record in the financial services industry. Skilled in leading large-scale global business activities, operations management, strategy and finding solutions for insurmountable challenges. Prior to his current role, Yossi was the COO of, migrating many of his skills and experiences to shape the future of the Stox brand and vision.

Eyal Herzog

With a solid Advisory Board, Stox is able to take advantage of the inclusion of Bancor’s own co-founder Eyal Herzog. Eyal currently sits on the Foundation Council of Bancor and is a venture-backed technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. Founder of MetaCafe, Eyal shaped Israel’s fastest growing video sharing site reaching over 50m uniques at its peak. Early in his career, Eyal founded Contact Networks, one of the first social networks in 1999.

About the Stox Token

$STX is the token of Stox. There are a total over 57 million STX tokens in total supply, 42 million tokens already in circulation. According to the Blox community, just under 3% of the blox community now holds $STX. The token is being supported by just under 4% of the worldwide exchanges. After a close examination, we see that nearly 70% of users within Blox hold STX in wallets, with just under 30% doing so via exchange markets.

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