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What is Storm? Blox Featured Token $Storm

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What is Storm? Storm is a gamified tasking platform specifically designed for a various degree of micro-tasking specialization within the blockchain space. Originally known as “BitMaker”, StormX was able to successfully rebrand while utilizing it’s growing user base as a catalyst for further growth and notoriety.

What is Storm and What makes Storm Special

As noted directly from their website, StormX invites you to, “…join Players everywhere and be a part of the first decentralized gig economy. Participate in short surveys, try out new products, watch videos, and help finish small tasks to earn rewards in Storm Token, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.”

After completing these tasks, users are able to withdraw to a growing list of supported cryptocurrencies, through a flexible and secure payment system. With a growing list of notable businesses utilizing the StormX tasking platform for a wide variety of purposes and community engagement, StormX remains poised to continue making a statement in 2018 and beyond.

what is storm

About the StormX Team

StormX maintains an extensive and impressive staff on hand, with some notables including:

Simon Yu

With a proven track record of success, Simon has been passionate and driven in business from an early age. After successfully launching his own entrepreneurial endeavors in the past, he has continued to shape his vision into a platform with millions of users and remains an influential and respected businessman in his own right.

Bill Shihara

As one of the key advisors to the StormX project, Bill Shihara shares his insight and wisdom as one of the most known and influential members of the blockchain community. As the CEO & Founder of Bittrex, Bill is able to strategically advise and shape the future of the growing StormX brand.

About the StormX Token

Offered at ICO in 2017, STORM has a max supply of cryptocurrency tokens at 10,000,000,000. At time of writing, approximately 4.5B were in circulation.

Already a growing staple of the Blox community, 11% of the Blox users now hold $STORM, with the token being supported by an accompanying 5.6% of the worldwide exchanges. StormX exchange vs wallet syncing within Blox remains relatively balanced, at nearly 55% to 45% respectively.

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