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What is Odyssey? Blox Featured Token $OCN

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What is Odyssey? Odyssey is a universal protocol based on trust and credit for the sharing economy. Odyssey is in development of their payment solution, OCPay, to be available on Android and iOS systems. Also in development, OCN Chain is the custom blockchain for Odyssey that will operate with cross chain support in mind.

What is Odyssey and What Makes Odyssey Special

Odyssey aims to be the foundation of cryptocurrency within the sharing economy through the creation of the Odyssey Ecosystem. With a planned reputation and credit system, Odyssey will allow for a wide variety of merchants and vendors to exist within a truly decentralized platform, fostering community interaction and review of services.

Odyssey is aiming to utilize blockchain technology together with AI and Big Data to overcome all the obstacles on the road to build a future sharing economy. Odyssey will develop further Dynamic Economic Stimulation Mechanisms to incentivize every individual who participates in the sharing economy’s ecosystem at launch.

what is odyssey

About the Odyssey Team

Yi Shi

With serial entrepreneur and three times Forbes 30 Under 30, Yi Shi as Chief Advisor, Odyssey has already integrated existing real world application to to its daily use case. As cofounder of OBike, Yi Shi has solidified the strategic partnership with Odyssey, allowing for $OCN as a payment option within the mobile application. Shi is also the chief executive of Shanghai-based technology group Avazu Holding.

Sophie Guan

Sophie Guan is the current Project Lead at Odyssey. With extensive Project Management experience in several international businesses with global reach, Sophie Guan draws from her years of experience in tech centered startups and applies to the daily operations and goals of the Odyssey project.

About the Odyssey Token

Offered at ICO in early 2018, OCN has a max supply of cryptocurrency tokens at 10,000,000,000. 4,000,000,000 0 were offered at time of ICO, with 50% locked until 4/22 (which has since passed and unlocked).

A growing token within the platform, nearly 10% of the Blox community now holds $OCN, with the token being supported by an accompanying 5.6% of the worldwide exchanges. Over 75% of the $OCN tracked within Blox is held in privately held wallets at this time.

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