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What is DATx? Blox Featured Crypto Project $DATx

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What is DATx? DATx might be a new name for you in the cryptocurrency scene. Traditional digital advertising, although existing since the early days of the internet, continues to be problematic with ongoing pitfalls, frauds, and issues. Advertisers face issues to ensure marketing budgets are utilized effectively while curating content for targeted users. Digital advertising almost entirely centralized both in platform and performance metrics, lacking accountability and transparency.

What is DATx and What Makes $DATX Special

DATx is an ongoing project effort to solve many of these key issues by utilizing characteristics of blockchain technologies and implement them within an advertisement serving platform. Formed in strategic partnership with Avazu, a digital advertising firm, DATx will allow for more transparency of marketing metrics. It also allows for opt-in by consumers who look for incentives and a more accurate and tailored advertising experience. Advertisers will be able to pay for marketing services with the DATx cryptocurrency token, while consumers will be able to earn within the DATx chain by opting in.

Forming and creating a synergistic relationship between the publisher, the advertiser, and the consumer. This will enable the company to offer for a more accurate and curated placement of marketing solutions. All of this while allowing for business to rest assured knowing accurately where their marketing budgets are being utilized.

what is datx
DATx on blox

About The DATx Team

Mona Du

As the Global Director of Business Development, Mona Du draws from years of experience within digital advertising analytics. Mona truly understands and lived through many of the known issues marketing has experienced to this day. She applies her skills to the development of the crypto brand while focusing on core solutions the company offers.

Patrick Dai

Is one of the key advisors to the DATx project. Dai is able to apply his experience from QTUM to assist and help shape the future of the project. Patrick graduated from Draper University and later dropped out of his doctoral degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Patrick worked for Alibaba for many years during  he developed his blockchain knowledge and became an expert in the field.

About the DATx Token

$DATX is the token of DATx. $DATX currently has a circulating supply of nearly 1.4 billion, with a total supply of 10 billion. Right at 3% of Blox users hold $DATX, with just under 2% of global exchanges supporting the token. 75% of Blox users hold DATx in wallets, with just under 25% on exchanges.

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