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What is Dash? Blox Featured Crypto Project $DASH

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What is Dash? Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and a decentralized autonomous organization or (DAO). It is notorious for its extremely fast speed. The name originated from coining the nickname Digital Cash. Dash was born as a fork of the Bitcoin software with the objective of creating a more most user-friendly and scalable global payment system. it is important to note that as a DAO, $Dash operates on a self-governing and self-funding model.

What is Dash and What Makes it so Special?

Dash includes a set of features which ensure better privacy and higher transaction speed. Firstly, the network uses the Proof-of-Work consensus for mining purposes, on which users run and maintain special services called masternodes. Developers use Masternodes to enable PrivateSend, InstantSend, and the governance and treasury system. In more technical terms, running masternodes awards users with 45% of block rewards being allocated to pay the masternode network. In order to enjoy its benefits, owners must hold a minimum of 1,000 tokens to start and operate a node. One of the main benefits Dash brings to its supporters includes voting rights, helping shape the development and future of the crypto project.

what is dash
Dash – blox token page

About the DASH Team

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is the CEO and the main figure behind the Dash Core Group. He is an expert in the payments industry, with over 15 years of experience with financial services and technology.

Taylor has been CEO since 2017, previously having joined the company in 2016 as Director of Finance. Prior to this, Taylor was a hedge fund analyst covering a global stable of payments industry investments. During those days, the current CEO managed both private equity and public market funds for a $20 billion investment firm in New York.

Ryan Tylor possesses a comprehensive understanding of the payments landscape and more importantly, what drivers success within the industry. He was previously an Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office in New York. While in McKinsey, he worked alongside clients of some of the world’s largest financial institutions, covering a wide variety of strategy and technology topics.

Adding to his impressive resume, Taylor holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Business School with a concentration in Finance and Economics. he also holds a Bachelor of Science from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Fernando Gutierrez Mosquera

Fernando was one of the core team members of the DASH project since the beginning. Mosquera has an extensive entrepreneurial background and years of experience. Today, he remains in the role of Chief Marketing Officer. With experience ranging from Sales, Marketing, Design, Business Development, and Real Estate Investment, Fernando brings a diverse set of experiences and skills to the table within his role at Dash.

About DASH Token

Currently, there is a circulating supply of just over 8,273,000 tokens, out of a total supply of 18,900,000. The token is supported and available for trading on roughly 37% of global exchanges, making it one of the most supported projects in the crypto industry. When analyzing user preferences in blox, we see that around 15% of blox users hold the token in wallets, while 85% in exchanges. We can also see that nearly 7% of all Blox users hold $DASH!

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