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Client Spotlight: Bitcoin Depot

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Every week, Blox introduces you to some of our amazing business clients. For this week, we are thrilled to introduce you to BitcoinDepot, and their Managing Accountant, Janel Wilkerson!


About Bitcoin Depot:
Bitcoin Depot is one of the largest crypto currency ATM companies in the world. Their operations span over 15 states in the USA alone. They company offers buying and selling options for the worlds more popular crypto’s such as BTC, ETH and LTC.


About Janel:
Jane has accumulated her accounting experience from over 8 years working in the government and private sectors. After building up vast expertise, she eventually signed on to Bitcoin Depot where she serves as the companies accounting manager.


“We take advantage of all the Blox platforms smart features. It helps us to keep detailed information from all our wallets and trades – and drastically improves our reconciliation process.”


How is BitcoinDepot using Blox:
The company is leveraging Blox’s advanced accounting features to more accurately reconcile our crypto inventory accounts across various wallets and exchanges.


What BitcoinDepot likes about Blox:
I really like that Blox provides us with the ability to export the information and balances from all of our wallets and exchanges simultaneously. It also replicates the formatting structure and pricing for trades which dramatically simplified the reconciliation process.


Which features are missing for you in Blox?
I would love to see Blox introduce the ability for us to upload .csv or .xls files that contains all of our wallet information.

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