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Blox Spotlight: Customer of the Week – Beam

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Blox is happy to introduce the newest member of our customer portfolio – Beam!


What is Beam?


Launched in 2019, Beam is a confidential and scalable cryptocurrency that is one of the first to use the Mimblewimble protocol, adding speed, boosting performance and adding a new layer of confidentiality.


Mimblewimble is a unique protocol based on similar Bitcoin privacy solutions. It creates a random string of numbers called “blinding factors” to ensure transactions are secure and confidential. For more about this protocol, check out this link here.


About Amir Aaronson – Chief Operating Officer at Beam


Amir began working at the age of 13, gaining the essential experience that helped him to design a path to become an entrepreneur. He gained multi-disciplinary executive experience through his time working in business development, operations, product management, and marketing. During this career he has taken part in many ventures, participating in generating the vision, assembling and leading amazing teams. His latest venture is serving as the Chief Operations Officer at Beam.


“We focus on speed, reliability, and confidentiality, so spending too much time on accounting solutions isn’t possible. As a crypto company, we are always looking for smarter ways to manage our crypto finances”

– Amir Aaronson, COO of Beam


How is Beam using Blox?


Beam will be using our platform to assist them with their financial management and bookkeeping efforts.


What does Beam do?


Beam offers customers a wide variety of features and solutions:


  • Users have complete control over their privacy, allowing them to easily decide on which information will be available, and who has access to that information.  
  • Removes the need for excessive computational tasks, allowing confidential transactions to take place without paying or waiting more the necessary.
  • Addresses are not stored in the blockchain, nor the sender/receiver of the transaction for added security and anonymity.
  • Supports superior scalability through its compact blockchain size, which uses a “cut-through” feature of Mimblewimble to make the Beam blockchain significantly smaller than any other blockchain implementation.


If you would like to learn more about Beam or Mimblewimble, please click on the links.

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