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Blox Spotlight: Client of the Week – Status.IM

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WhatsApp is yet another Crypto heavyweight that has decided to take their crypto asset management to the next level. Status is using Blox platform to enhance and simplify their internal crypto accounting and bookkeeping processes. Welcome!


What is Status and the Status Network Token (SNT)?


Status is an open-source, mobile operating system built on top of the Ethereum network designed to navigate and interact with decentralized applications (AKA dApp). The platform includes a private messenger and browser to facilitate peer-to-peer engagement.


SNT, or Status Network Token, is a modular utility token that fuels the entire network. Several use cases described in the white paper are currently being developed. The voting mechanism is already available in the Status app.


About Daniel Marfurt – Manager in Finance and Operations at Status.IM



Daniel has been working with Status.IM for almost a year in the Finance and Operations departments. Prior, he was in blockchain and finance consulting where he enjoyed the development and implementation of solutions for many clients. He understands that crypto has tons of challenges but that is what motivates him to help solve them!


“Status interacts with crypto assets on a daily basis, therefore our accountants and finance team need smarter ways to bookkeep and generate relevant reports in one place.”

– Daniel Marfurt, Manager in Finance and Operations at Status.IM


How is Status.IM using Blox?


Status.IM is using Blox to keep track of crypto transactions, which are constantly growing. They are looking (and found) a solution which enables the company to capture all information and display it in a comprehensive way. They are really looking forward to using the Export feature to help process data better for accounting purposes.


What does Status.IM like about Blox?


Status.IM is really enjoying tools for labeling transactions and smart search function, which helps them to find past transactions more quickly.


What features is Blox missing for Status?


Status.IM would like to see features added that could name specific wallets and see that name within transactions for easy correlations.  They are also interested in direct data integration into their accounting software.


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