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The Final Day For The Blox Mobile App

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A new era is ahead. On March 1st, 2020, Blox will be closing its mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems and all efforts will be invested into the web application.
After this date, users of the mobile app will no longer be able to access Blox mobile apps.


The Blox mobile app was the origin story for the Blox you see today. From the start of our journey, we began as a simple tracking tool, but we have emerged as an industry-leading platform capable of solving a variety of complex tasks. We became one of the first to introduce critical technology such as automation and API support that gave us a sharper edge.


This is where Blox believes it can contribute the most value to the industry and our users.

We are aiming to more effectively reach the verticals and segments that are truly in need of the Blox set of solutions and services – the crypto companies and blockchain businesses of today and tomorrow. As we continue to rapidly grow, we know that this change will only serve to help our existing and new crypto companies, high-volume investors and finance professionals.


“Our decision to end our mobile app service comes from a place of deep focus towards the future of our platform, so we can better address our clients’ needs. Our users demand a lot from Blox, and we want to continue enhancing every tool, feature and service we provide.” – Alon Muroch, CEO & Co-Founder of Blox.


We know some people will be impacted by this change, but we want to assure everyone that we will continue providing invaluable crypto tools and services. Saying goodbye to our app can allow us to redirect our resources and efforts to the web platform. We will be able to develop, iterate and deploy even faster, producing an even better platform for managing crypto assets.


Users will start to see Blox placing more emphasis on building the next generation of intelligent crypto software for the future of crypto asset management.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Blox.

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