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Customer of the Week – PumaPay

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Blox works with some of the cryptocurrency industry’s most recognizable brands and companies, and for this week’s Customer of the Week – we want to highlight a unique payments company known only as PumaPay.

We had a chance to speak with Christos Mesaritis an accountant at PumaPay since their launch in March 2018! He shared some information on the company and how they use the Blox platform for their crypto accounting and finance operations.

Who is PumaPay?

PumaPay is a streamlined cryptocurrency payments system raising. The company developed a suite of core offerings that leverage the PumaPays advanced technology.


  • PumaPay mobile wallet app
  • Business Console, a payment gateway
  • PumaPay Pride, a marketing hub PullPayment Protocol

The company uses a new architecture of smart contracts which inverses the mechanics of crypto transactions. This allows customers to send or ‘push’ funds directly to wallets. This enables business to pull funds from a customer’s wallet based on pre approved terms. This has enabled PumaPay to develop new billing options on the blockchain (recurring billing, top-ups, pay-per time, and dynamic pricing) which was impossible before.

What do users and businesses need to know about PumaPay?

Pumapay has developed a disruptive payment solution that innovatively combined the flexibility and ease of payment cards with the advantages of blockchain technologies. Our suite of core products are built specifically to serve businesses, merchants and consumers to provide them with maximum value.

Transacting with cryptocurrencies has never been easier and PumayPay is revolutionizing payments by providing a fas and more efficient alternative to credit cards – empowering the digital consumer.

What is the future of the crypto payments industry?

The crypto industry has come a long way, with over 3000 cryptocurrencies in existence. PumaPay is helping to reach a new payments future with its suite of product offerings, from our wallet to our advanced payments solution.

The company is aiming to disrupt the payment space by offering a real alternative to credit cards and eliminating the middleman. By creating better payment solutions and cutting costs, the company will strive to become and set the standard for the future of payments.

How does PumaPay use the Blox platform?

According to PumaPay, the Blox platform is heavily relied on by the company finance team on a daily basis. When it comes to tracking and managing assets for bookkeeping or general accounting, they rely on Blox.

“PumaPay uses the Blox platform every single day, from checking balances, exporting transactions, generating reports and all the features we need to manage our crypto finance operations” – Christos Mesaritis, Accountant at PumaPay

Crypto accounting and managing digital assets is exceptionally difficult. That is why PumaPay leverages the power of Blox. We use the software to track, sync and review our digital assets. Additionally, we need to have more abilities to modify, organize, prioritize and even attach notes and images to dozens of actions. But when we need to generate reports, review daily balances and execute calculations, Blox is the platform we count on and trust. With powerful security and admin privileges, we now have the Blox platform as a key tool in our arsenal.

Blox sincerely thanks PumaPay and Christos Mesaritis for joining us.

That is all for this week’s Customer of the Week!

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