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Client of the Week: BlockParty

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About BlockParty:

Blockparty is the leader in blockchain-based event ticketing and fan engagement. The ticketing industry is suffering from major challenges – bots and scalpers capitalize on archaic ticketing systems to buy up tickets before the general public, leaving event goers with fake tickets, unfair prices and terrible ticket-buying experiences. In the process, event organizers and performers lose millions in revenue.


The Blockparty is designed to solve these challenges with blockchain. Built on Ethereum, Blockparty combines ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (tickets), ERC-20 tokens (payments and rewards), encrypted biometrics (for ticket chain of custody) and a special-purpose sidechain (for optimized transaction processing) – all while delivering a user experience that matches leading ticketing applications such as Eventbrite.


Blockparty counts a major league sports team, leading nightclubs, music festivals and chart-topping musicians amongst its customers. In its first 6 months of operation, Blockparty sold tens of thousands of tickets and now expect to sell up to 2 million tickets through to June 2020.



About Shiv, CEO of Blockparty:


Shiv is CEO and Co-Founder of Blockparty. An avid event goer and former music festival co-owner, Shiv discovered blockchain in 2014 and immediately saw applicability to the ticketing challenges his festival faced. He and his cofounder Rikesh Thapa launched Blockparty in 2017, where Shiv leads management, business development, finance, strategy and marketing. 


Prior to Blockparty, Shiv founded and served as CEO of Ability, a wearable data startup, where he led the company to a partnership with Samsung. He was earlier COO at a business unit of Time Inc’s NME music magazine. His first venture was in the energy industry where he co-founded and led Mozambi (renamed Volt Resources) to an IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange. Shiv spent his early career at eBay, Accenture, Lehman Brothers and Dresdner Bank, spanning strategy, business development, banking and trading.


How is blockparty using Blox?

We currently utilizes Blox to view its cryptocurrency portfolio, broken down by wallet and currency. It is also used to categorize each transaction, data that is fed in as an input into its accounting and financial management protocols.


What does Blockparty like about Blox?

The Blox platform is optimal for helping visualize and track movements our crypto wallets. The user interface is modern and competitive with any other accounting SaaS platform out there. We have not seen another platform that does this.


Which features are missing for you in Blox?

We’re relatively new to the Blox platform and are really pleased with everything so far. We’re finding more and more valuable features each day

Ready to stake with Blox?

Introducing Blox Staking, a new service offering non-custodial staking for Ethereum 2.0.